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  1. rolo

    Andy Capp 4K (DUTCH) MFME 6.1

    I did it for you Andy
  2. rolo


    Your welcome guys!
  3. I did a 4K remake of Andy Capp (Dutch). It was a lot of work so i hope you all enjoy. Andy Capp 4K-v1.1.zip
  4. rolo

    Supertron (Almost finished)

    Thanks Geddy, i appreciate it I did find your roms, i've attached them for others who might search for them in the future (if you don't mind) Dutch_Roms.zip
  5. rolo

    Supertron (Almost finished)

    Yeah, it's just hard to find them cause there all around. That's why i made this request. Perhaps one of you guys have them all together.
  6. rolo

    Supertron (Almost finished)

    Yes indeed, the funny voices alone makes this machine incredible!
  7. rolo

    Dutch MFME machines

    Thanks guys for clearing things up. I'm trying to get these machines so I can update and share them with you.
  8. rolo

    Dutch MFME machines

    Andy capp, Random runner, club 2000, Hot Shot, Real Magic, Going Bananas, Magic Circle, Graffiti, Ventura, Turbo Play, Cash Explosion, The Hit, Fruit Magic I would love to play these again :)
  9. rolo

    Dutch MFME machines

    Excuse me?
  10. rolo

    Dutch MFME machines

    Hard Disk Drive
  11. rolo

    Dutch MFME machines

    Hi there, Since I've lost a lot of my old machines due to a HDD crash, my question to you all is to help me out gathering back those oldies! Thanks in advance!
  12. rolo


    Found a lot of spam https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/index.php?/files/file/257-jackpot/&page=281&tab=comments#comment-7402
  13. rolo


    Found this one on my hdd, converted to mfme 6.1 reelghost.zip
  14. rolo

    Supertron (Almost finished)

    Nice! I had a lot of them, but after a hdd crash lost most them. Found this rom yesterday but the art was looking horrible hahaha. That's why i made this version. If you do have old roms give a pm, I would love to have them.
  15. rolo

    Supertron (Almost finished)

    Have fun, it's a great game.