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  1. I took it apart and fly wired it thanks 👍👍 and i got jackpot today as well 😊
  2. Hi guys, I’m new to this, Im building a games room at home and Ive always wanted my own fruit machine. So I’ve brought one.quite cheap Looking through you all seem very helpful. So please bare with me with me I don’t know much about this. i brought homers meltdown because I loved it when I was younger. It’s come today and has a few faults.... bulbs to change and a broken button (that’s no problem) all the reals line up and spin correctly together ,sounds all good too, however I’ve found a fault it’s saying when I go though the menu 7.1port coms fail 7.2port coms fail so when u play reels line up but the features don’t,can’t see where u r on the board does any know where I should start?or any idea of what I need to do......? thanks for any help Fisky
  3. Had a look at this weekend,as been away the two plugs was around the wrong way thanks for the advice all fixed 👌 many thanks guys
  4. Yes I did....... doh the reals r in sync it plays fine it’s when u get a something on the board it doesn’t match what u see flashing up thanks for the update 👍
  5. Ok I check it all this weekend what meant by not lining up was when u check though it all in menu,to make sure what it saying on the display matches what it lights up but this doesn’t always Eg .......u go to check nudges for example it lights something else up instead like a square on the prize board not what it’s meant to thanks for help so far I check what u said 👍👍