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  1. Good afternoon ! In Holland its near to impossbile to get an Impact3 mpu. Are they available over there in the UK ? Its for GoldenStreak (JPM) machine. Many thanks in advance !!
  2. FlyingDutchMan

    New old guy from Holland !

    Thanks ! I'm not sure. Problem is that inside the cabinet all error codes are specified, but e80 reel loom isn't 1 of them grrrr. This evening i am picking up 6 new reels to check ones more if its the reels. The nr 4 and 5 reel they DO turn, but they end up 1 (motor) step further then the rest after reset. After another reset they end up another step further ( so 2 steps past the centre position ).
  3. FlyingDutchMan

    New old guy from Holland !

    Or where should i post my request for the Impact3 Mpu on this forum exactly ? I'm a dummy when it comes to forums haha i just want to fix my GoldenStreak machine. :):)
  4. FlyingDutchMan

    New old guy from Holland !

    Hey MattyL. Thanks for your reply. I know how to adjust the reel position, so you think adjusting the position/timing can help with the reel not " skipping a beat" like they do now ? I believe now, when the optical sensor the "pointer" is exactly in the sensor is, the JPM logo is exactly in line. so when i allign reel 4,5 and 6 and then do a position reset, reel 4 comes back to this centre position ( 1,2 and 3 are also centered ) and reel 5 and 6 are one step past centre position. ( And display says e80 reel loom error.) grrrr. I'm determined to fix this one to, i really want to play the game. Won't rest till it works hahaha. Would there be a way to get an Impact 3 mpu on that side of the water ? In Holland it seems impossible te find one, and these mpus are not popular to repair. Many thanks in advance !
  5. Hey everyone. I am Henri, 49 years from Holland and i'm on a mission to ressurect as many Dutch BFM,JPM, Barcrest etc machines as i can ! I buy them, (try to) fix them, play them ( get into their AI hahaha ) and then sell them again. I have a mancave in my garden with these machines, a PS4 racing simulator with steeringwheel, seat etc and offcourse some good speakers for background tunes. At this moment i have the SuperFlushSE, Oracle and JPM Goldenstreak. For this last one i am looking for a new motherboard. The one thats in it now looks prestine, thats the strange part, battery located next to mpu, but the reels are not working correct. Changed them out but same issue. Reel 1,2,3,4 centre correctly and reel 5 and 6 end up 1 step later then centre (?). So if anyone could help me out with tips or even an Impact 3 mpu that would be great !!!!