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  1. pete666

    "CPLD 01 PIC ????" MPU5 Error

    Went through checkout page didn’t ask for premise licence , company name is optional so looks like I could have purchased one
  2. pete666

    "CPLD 01 PIC ????" MPU5 Error

    If it’s a characterisation chip you need e service supply and program them , google them they are based in Pontefract they ask for the rtc code and claim 2-3 days delivery
  3. pete666

    Wanted rainbow riches pic chip

    Hi am looking to buy a pic chip for rainbow riches 70 jackpot mpu5 horizon cab or the full program card thanks 🙏
  4. pete666

    Hello and help

    I have a spare card it’s getting the software ! Carnt find it anywhere , I had to pay a chap before to put rainbow riches on compact flash but he’s not cheap and not sure if he will have it or not , stuck at the moment ! 🙃all good fun though 👌
  5. pete666

    Hello and help

    Thanks for reply I didn’t take the legs out of the board for that reason I peeled them off the battery and soldered new battery to the old legs , does that shine any light on the situation, not very good with soldering iron so I thought it best not to risk damaging the board may that be my problem carnt test voltage on new battery as my mate on hoilday till Monday and he has the multi meter ! Thanks again for reply’s / help
  6. pete666

    Hello and help

    Left the machine on for 16 hours after installing new varta battery fine all day long switched off over night then same error in the morning left it powered up for an hour or so and booted fine then ! Till the next morning when same thing happens any clues would be appreciated 😉
  7. pete666

    Indiana Jones mpu5 horizon cab 70 jackpot help

    Update on this problem I have changed the battery on the program card the machine now starts to boot intializes reels spin but right at the end of boot sequence get error message: pic invalid error 92 , if I leave machine powered up for an hour or so boots normally, has anyone come across this fault thanks for reading
  8. pete666

    Hello and help

    I have the same machine same error I’ve changed the program battery yesterday booted fine turned it off today throwing u this error does a new varta battery need charging? Thanks
  9. I have said machine I have a problem with it when it’s powered off all night won’t boot next day until it’s being left on for an hour or so mpu5 lights are all green and red halt light solid after an hour flick it off and on and boots normally can anyone tell me possible causes thanks
  10. pete666

    Pic chip 36 52 no character chip

    If my battery flat on program card mk3 will it say no character chip and if I replace varta battery will my software still be ok ? As I don’t have the software on a flash card thanks
  11. pete666

    red gaming super line up

    Just a quick update on line up , a big thankyou to everybody who helped its now running AA70 arcade version the AA99 wasn’t correct for the Rio cab booted up ok but everything out of sync , thanks to members got the correct software, Big thanks to Andrew for programming the card twice 👌😊,just one little problem I have the stake is now 30p play £25 jackpot , don’t mind it that why if decals where available as there not is there a way to change stake doesn’t seem to reckonize my stake key pic attached
  12. pete666

    Can anyone identify this machine

    Courier let him down Thursday now 😂😡
  13. pete666

    Can anyone identify this machine

    Send you pics tomorrow am taking it in so it’s not scrapped can only tell you about it tomorrow when it arrives 👌
  14. pete666

    Can anyone identify this machine

    Am a line up freak to be honest ! A member is sorting the program card for me carnt wait to get it back but keep my hand in with others too 👌
  15. pete666

    Can anyone identify this machine

    Coming tomx tea time let you know 👌