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  1. Ben Moore

    Could anyone pick up a fruit machine for me

    Thanks just messaged Ian
  2. Ben Moore

    Could anyone pick up a fruit machine for me

    Thanks guys will give Ian a try if no else responds on here and Facebook do you know how much he charges please
  3. Hi I've been offered a Simpsons blue fruit machine would anyone be able to pick it up from Nottingham for me if I pay you petrol money and bit extra and deliver to dereham Norfolk or know anyone who could
  4. Ben Moore

    Hope all is well BF74

    I talked to him on Facebook messenger On Monday and he seemed ok think he may be taking it easy or snowed under by coin mechs
  5. Ben Moore

    Reel Band Production

    Looking the part how much do the glossy rells and backing set you back then as thinking of having my simpsons m1a ones done if not too cheap
  6. Ben Moore

    Wanted old reel stop solenoid

    Ok thank you that's what I'm thinking now just didn't realise they were this hard to get
  7. Ben Moore

    Wanted old reel stop solenoid

    Ok thank you some one just messaged me on Facebook that they may have one will let you know if they don't
  8. Ben Moore

    Barcrest crystal maze

    Looks amazing now complete
  9. Ben Moore

    Collected this today.

    Wow cant wait to see this one once complete and both crystal mazes next to each other how many of these did they do the crystal maze ones
  10. Does anyone have a old electrical mechanical reel stop solenoid like this one I could buy please as needing the spring of one but will buy whole unit I have all ready brought this as originally needed two but seller unfortunately doesn't have anymore
  11. Ben Moore

    Reel Band Production

    That's such a shame on price as would of had my simpsons m1 ones done if cheaper
  12. Ben Moore

    Wanted electrical mechanical concical springs

    Still on the look out if anyone has any please
  13. Ben Moore

    Barcrest crystal maze

    Looking very good top restoration as always
  14. Hi has anyone got any electrical mechanical concical springs please as mine have given up in my reel solenoids and wondering if you can buy them new any where or not or if anyone has any