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    No I own two Simpsons fruit machines

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  1. Think I found a couple a people who may help so for now problem solved
  2. Ok fair enough think someone one ebay is going to do it for me or warlord I messaged about thinks it's for the best we go are separate ways after yours and mine comments but thanks for giving me link to thread though
  3. Hi can anyone recrimp a burnt out maygay power supply loom for me please if I post it to you as don't know how to do it Looks like a bodged repair in the past has caused the other crimp to burn out therefore meaning the voltage is struggling to get around
  4. Ben Moore

    Guitar and my Big 50

    Great news was then going to say I'm in Dereham glad you got it back
  5. Ben Moore

    Potluck MPU4 Repair

    Nice restoration I'm doing a maygay m1a right now
  6. Ben Moore

    Simpsons maygay m1 bits epsellialy bottom glass

    Yes think I would try a collect it if not I would to ask them to wrap it up like hell if it's quite far away lol
  7. Ben Moore

    Simpsons maygay m1 bits epsellialy bottom glass

    Thanks guys have began to realise that someone told me they had the bits on ebay but never got back to me
  8. Ben Moore

    Simpsons maygay m1 bits epsellialy bottom glass

    Still looking😁😁😁
  9. Ben Moore

    MPU3 Lighting Tubes

    Dare I ask what you doing with them when you said naughty
  10. Ben Moore

    fruit machine

    Yep defentily
  11. Ben Moore

    JPM Top Streak

    I meant it doesn't realy matter now like you said it's in landfill
  12. Ben Moore

    BFM Cops N Robbers

    Your chances are quite slim try contacting a plastic company and see if they can make you one
  13. Ben Moore

    JPM Top Streak

    Agreed no good looking back at your mistakes
  14. Ben Moore

    Various chips,m1b

    Thank you