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    Help restoring fruit machines so the old ones can live on longer


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  1. Hi has anyone heard of this fruit machine repair company as apparently they have someone who could repair my electrical mechanical for 100 pound or 40 pound if they cant do it but I have my doubts they are geniue as just seems to good and only heard of them today Apparently the person would be 60 who would repair it so that bit seems accurate just prices seems too cheap with travelling and that to me
  2. Ben Moore

    Joke of Year - Ben Moore 2019

    Yeah I was under that impression too
  3. Hi can people help by sharing this please to as many groups as possible I'm on the look out for schematics either for the fruit machine collusus what was made by automatic fruit designs or a schematic for gold kings what was made by golden automatics of Northampton I need this schematic in order to find a fault Ron has kindly been helping with but says I need a schematic to go any further
  4. Ben Moore

    Joke of Year - Ben Moore 2019

    Ok mate must of misread it
  5. Ben Moore

    Joke of Year - Ben Moore 2019

    Oh ok I thought you said varta were better for maygay boards must of misunderstood I swear someone in the past told me coin cell ones wernt good for maygay
  6. Hi just wondering is there anyone who would be able to help service the control pannel and rells on electrical mechanical fruit machine if I sent them to you as the problem I'm facing is it won't payout wins on the rells tried everything bf74 has suggested and others but nothing seems to of worked replaced loose crimps and everything to just wondering is there a way you can test for broken wires on the rells or not as its getting to the point I'm thinking of scrapping it but dont realy want to do this as sure it can be repaired I've been try on and off now since March any suggestions much appreciated please
  7. Ben Moore

    Joke of Year - Ben Moore 2019

    No offence but your done this twice now do we need to share a conversation between me and you with everyone it's just my opinion I use varta batterys filed wired as this was what was used original and matty said the even use varta batterys for maygays as the coin cell ones arnt good for the boards I've heard off a few people
  8. Ben Moore

    Joke of Year - Ben Moore 2019

    Totally agree with you warlord Matty even said to use varta batterys on epoch and maygay m1 boards as apparently the coin cell ones arnt good for maygay boards
  9. Ben Moore

    Oh ffs.. it’s back!

    Can you send Noel too so he stand there and watch
  10. Ben Moore

    Oh ffs.. it’s back!

    Now where did I put that lighter
  11. No worrys mate I think a few of the documents where older 80s maygay information too
  12. @warlord May help you in the future with your maygays @Andrew96_ Are these any help to you as a programmer and repair guy as describe a lot about the chips on a epoch board
  13. Defentily the older ones seem built better on another note did you see the maygay tech documents about epoch and that I put in my thread about the actel chip as may help you in the future
  14. Awesome machine so glad to hear you still have it after so long and its still going strong
  15. Ben Moore


    I've had the same problem now for about 5 months glad I'm not the only one