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  1. cyberbob

    Another Maygay M1 board repair

    its more than practice, its sheer devotion to your graft i could practice for 10 years and not even get close. mod 2 still 100% ty
  2. made my day @Amot revenge is a dish always best served cold
  3. cyberbob

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    Well that's that, Thank you again @Andrew96_ Last 2 tested in Stock The Clock. All 3 now resurrected, just hope i didn't cause to many problems with them. Well that was the MPU4 Repair attempt Thread, I hope you do get something from it, a lot to read but some very interesting helpful comments, Big thanks to everyone that helped with the repair.
  4. cyberbob

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    @Andrew96_ sorted the tracks, replaced various transistors, & shes alive alive, This one was holding the 10p solenoid & fried the last one. My fault wrong fuses fitted all quick blow now as i ordered some. nice neat track repairs, and painted green even fly leaded for me so i don't need to stick the soldering iron near it cheers I only fitted the volume pot to this one thanks to @fruit58 BOARD 2 FAULT LOUD SOUND NO SOUND. Volume adjust pot broken No Other Faults found.......................................... Tested on 4 Reel Machine, 2 LED SEGS with fair size bulb matrix. 1,00 50p 20p 10p tested, ok acceptance. payout ok NOTES.......................After rep[air. Replaced Volume pot now working correctly Replaced 8 Caps as a couple broke when giving wiggle test...... Powered up again, worked still but all 3 12v 34v 46v was connected this is the board fried the 10p soleniod
  5. cyberbob

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    am sure they will out live me now lol
  6. cyberbob

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    Hopefully some one with the knowledge will come along @quattrohead I'm clueless im afraid, I know andrew fitted an IC to mine as was stuck or dead. Certainly looks neat, much neater than my attempt, he even added fly leads for me, so i dont touch them at all no chicken shit soldiering Hoping to fit one today, if back lets me crouch into the back of PL Thanks again @Andrew96_
  7. cyberbob

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    There back................Thanks @Andrew96_ Thanks for undoing my mess & can imagine and i knowi left a few problems Ill get them open & refit 1, in potluck, ill test very slowly this time update soon At least i can try to learn from your repairs, learn not to attempt them so happy, PL is going to be running again right, it failed btw the other day again.
  8. cyberbob

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    Great news guys, i managed to temp bodge the potluck board, No new news on the boards sent to Andrew yet, 10 days ago i know he was waiting on parts, and i think 2 are done, just the 3rd to repair, hoping it will be soon glad you sorted yours @quattrohead how you got on with the new issue ?
  9. cyberbob

    Frank Bird ex JPM Hello! ;-)

    Welcome Frank, although im old barcrest mpu4 mod 2 person myself, i do find the stories interesting and jpm machines. The other side of my famliy are the Bird family too, Hope you enjoy the mecca all the best Regards Richard
  10. cyberbob

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    Oh no repairing with the old iron the trusty one still hanging around, alias im stuck at the moment.
  11. cyberbob

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    Thanks Guys. Whats the worst that can Happen
  12. cyberbob

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh potluck just threw a wobbler, no display then popped fuses, i guess the battery rot even though cleaned up and worked for a few months took its toll, down to one machine now where's that hammer. oh well another attempt here i come, as fingers nearly healed from last attempt chicken shit soldering here i come
  13. cyberbob

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    Ive got the bulb schematics for it m8, i can try to photo if for you if it will help
  14. cyberbob

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    It did, but i cleaned it up with vinegar, fly leaded, done nothing more too it. mpu4 mod 4 with ay chip. been perfect, just started to play up, sometimes pays out less the 50p, keep playing then it works then it dont, hit an miss to when it works. the board defo needs attention, ive not repaired the tracks or anything. even thought works, id assume it needs the tannys, the diodes the caps & track repairs. ill await the rtn of the mod 2s and then look at it. its working for the minute,
  15. cyberbob

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    i think ill stop with straight swap out of odd bits lol, its getting too technical for me now and my limited skills. but i will have another go, one day. how do people clean the acid up these days, or is it better to just remove everything inspect clean then refit new parts, vinegar bath was they way, but does more harm than good ive read. i did Vinegar these and cleaned them dried them before i started, i tested before and after clean and repair attempts too. left in airing cupboard for a few days, to make sure completely dry before i re tried them, now my potluck board has started to play up, wont fire 50p sometimes. so that needs tlc too now