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  1. I'm quite happy to donate and will be making a donation as mentioned above. I have found the menus and configured the Coin mech which is now paired to the mpu6, But just my luck I now have a different error '17-80 PND hopper failure' just when I thought it may actually boot up off demo mode! I've checked the manual and it doesn't really tell me much about this particular error. I have however slid the hopper out and checked everything it looks clean, nothing is jammed in it and it seems to be making contact with the connector mounted on the hopper base mount. I've looked around on the internet but there doesn't seem to be much help on this. Other than trying to source a replacement are there any other steps that I could possibly take to try and get the hopper working again? Thanks again. P.s I'll be making a donation on Tuesday... my payday! 😊
  2. Hi all, I've had a chance to fiddle with the machine a bit today changed the bulbs that were out ect and tidied up some wiring. How do I find the option for the Coin and card reader on the mpu6? I've had a good look through the menus but not 100% sure on what it's called that I'm looking for. The machine of course is still claiming the Coin mech is missing so woukd be great to get the last part of the puzzle fixed and working. Cheers guys.
  3. Ok sounds reasonably complicated lol is this something I can do myself? if so where can I get the loom from? Thanks again Zac.
  4. Yes sorry Andrew I now have I wrote that message not realising how many responses were above, I'll check this out tomorrow. Either way I believe the Coin mech will need updating tho for new coinage. Thanks Zac.
  5. It's a SR5i I think it says but with the bottom panel on the machine it comes up with code 10-70 coin mech failure so I'm assuming it needs updating for new £1 coins unless that means it's faulty? Cheers.
  6. Coin mech is not working but the machine does allow you to play demo mode it's finally working!! I'll send off the Coin mech for update on new £1s thank you everyone for all your help you've all been great. I'll donate some money to the page. Thank you.
  7. Thank you Paul that allowed me to boot the machine up to the next error code haha this time it's on the front screen... alarm 10-70 serial coin mech missing?? I really appreciate your help. Thank you again.
  8. Just started shouting at me again.. attention call manager.... error 42-48 memory corrupt, I feel as if I'm getting closer lol. Cheers all.
  9. Andrew I stand corrected thank you! you where right i have just checked again and look!! it's working what do I need to do now? Thank you.
  10. Fruit58 I've tried without the I/0 cable attached still nothing happening with the mpu6. Andrew96 I can assure you it's been reseated more times than I care to imagine is definitely sitting on the pins properly, I tried everything pushed on it.... pushed down up with power on nothing it's not having any of it. It was working tho before I changed the cell battery that's what's got me. Thanks guys.
  11. Hi Andrew, I've had a electrician round today who spent the best part of 2 hours checking the wiring he had tested the power supply and it's fine... Literally checked all boards which have the correct power and do all power up. The mpu6 will not do anything...Nothing at all not a single light or anything and we have had a multimeter on the power connecters and power is at the point of contact to that mpu. Only thing I can think of is that changing the battery has killed it which seems rather strange. Cheers Zac.
  12. Ok so that maybe worth a try to rule out any other wiring issues, all the power cable have constant voltage upto the mpu so it must be dead then I suppose.
  13. Hi Fruit58, Every single power cable has been checked with a multimeter ....Every board has power as it should. The mpu6 is as dead as a door nail... would me changing the battery in the mpu6 of possibly caused this? Or does anybody know of any other reason the mpu isn't receiving power (safety features ect) I'm at a loss really and unsure weather i can get software if I do go down the route of changing the mpu6 (which still may not receive power) does anybody know of anywhere I can get a wiring diagram for my machine? Fruit58 if I was to try your mpu would it show signs of power without a software loaded onto it?? trying to rule out what it could be ect. Many thanks all I appreciate the help. Thanks Zac.
  14. That is very kind of you do you want anything for it if it turns out to be this at fault? Paul who message on this thread earlier on mentioned that he may have software but awaiting his reply. It will definitely be tomorrow evening that all the power cables are checked so I'll let you know my findings. Many thanks.