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  1. Benmtturner

    Scorpion 4 transister help!

    How would I test them?
  2. Benmtturner

    Scorpion 4 transister help!

    Just check both suspicious boards and can't see anything out of the ordinary readings are very similar across the groups of transistors, one board had one transistor missing and 2 pins bridged but removing the bridge didn't achieve anything. Is there anything else I can try, both boards have minor signs of batery corrosion but nothing bad. Thanks again.
  3. Benmtturner

    Scorpion 4 transister help!

    I'll concentrate my search there for now as that seems like the suspect plug. Thanks for the help, it's been a while since I last tested anything and I've gotten very rusty!!
  4. Benmtturner

    Scorpion 4 transister help!

    Brilliant I'll check again shortly. Am I correct in assuming the row of 16 is responsible for plug p? Or can it be any of them?
  5. Benmtturner

    Scorpion 4 transister help!

    I've gone down and checked them all last night, some of them are pnp and some are npn in the same row? Does that sound right? Sorry I inhereted this board and its clearly been messed with.
  6. Hi guys new to the forum, looking for help with a scorpion 4 board, I've got 2 boards whick have some lamps locked on all the time and need to identify which transister has gone bad? Any advice?