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  1. CharlieRaymondo

    A mystery yet to be solved!!

    Have anyone ever heard of Blank Cheque by Barcrest? Same cab as Mirage, Cloud 999 etc. A lot of you are extremely knowledgeable about hidden gems. I'm pretty sure I am not the only one that has ever played this or even heard of it!!
  2. CharlieRaymondo


    No. Because Steve sent the board away, something to do with the sound. Glad you got it sorted @stevelancett. Great to see you have it up and running.
  3. CharlieRaymondo

    Anyone know of this one?? Rare game !!

    And Simon Says in the thread too. Mint mate, just fucking mint!!
  4. CharlieRaymondo

    Club X DX (MFME 19.8 Edition)

    He has been gunned down on DIF and FE. Poke your nose in and you'll see why mate.
  5. CharlieRaymondo

    Club X DX (MFME 19.8 Edition)

    He is trying and must give him the benefit of the doubt as some wouldn't know where to start(this means me). If I was him I certainly wouldn't want to try anything alone as in my eyes too many cooks DO NOT spoil the broth in this world!! Try and listen mate as from where I stand, even the most skillful DXers need some form of assist.
  6. CharlieRaymondo

    Cloud 999 flyer and £4.80 all cash roms

    It was not lights it was the Rocket lolly
  7. CharlieRaymondo

    Cloud 999 flyer and £4.80 all cash roms

    Looks like a "Rocket" Lolly on top of it.....
  8. CharlieRaymondo

    Cloud 999 flyer and £4.80 all cash roms

    You can head over to desertislandfruits.com or fruitemu.com Although, they will be here too somewhere.
  9. CharlieRaymondo

    Bingo Clubber Fruit Machine

    Shall we start taking bets?
  10. CharlieRaymondo

    Bingo Clubber Fruit Machine

    Will most probably want a grand or two for this. Another relist I believe!!
  11. CharlieRaymondo

    hi everyone

    Now that would be something.
  12. CharlieRaymondo

    Roms - Question

    £100 clubber. You're not called Retrofruit for nothing!!
  13. CharlieRaymondo

    Roms - Question

    I meant flyer wise. I vaguely remember something like Hi Profile and it could of been a Maygay with a similar cab to Manhattan Skylines/Searchlight.
  14. CharlieRaymondo

    Anyone seen a Cash force before?

    Cheers Chris another bit of valuable info and surprised I haven't come across it before.
  15. CharlieRaymondo

    Roms - Question

    I know we have Crown Jester because I have it but what's the paytable for yours? What are the others? Just decent images needed.