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  1. CharlieRaymondo

    Hi-De-Hi £4.80

    Is there any earlier ROMs for this beauty please?
  2. CharlieRaymondo

    Miami Vice/Dice MPU4 Video

    Bet you felt like a young Don Johnson catching some sun on Miami Beach🤑😎
  3. CharlieRaymondo

    MayGay Caesers Palace

    Can't remember if this is Pre 1995 but wondered if anybody has any type of version of this. You could call it Club Screen Play. Cheers C
  4. CharlieRaymondo

    ROM files required (please)

    Aware this post is a bit old but thanks for this too.
  5. CharlieRaymondo

    Hi All

    Put a yo on the end and you'll have yo-yo😁
  6. CharlieRaymondo

    Spot Light MPU2

    Impressive!!! Looks blinding mate. Wanna borrow me clippers😂
  7. CharlieRaymondo

    Special Reserve Deluxe 1600+1280 DX's

    I had a feeling you did that. Just to mess about I do that on a few of my others, as it will be like getting a streak from a machine that doesn't streak. Just love it mate and did a vid which I slung up on DIF and YT(if you are unaware)and yes, a big shout out to ya mate. Thanks once again. C
  8. CharlieRaymondo


    Nice little gem that.
  9. CharlieRaymondo

    Hi Flyer

    I am aware this thread is old but am a noob lol. Is there any other roms for this(You will all know what I'm talking about)
  10. CharlieRaymondo

    Double Chance 1600 DX

    Thank you
  11. CharlieRaymondo

    Eighth Wonder (Barcrest/BwB) 1160Dx

    There I go again nicking your stuff. Told you I can't help it. Thanks and use to love emptying this on the free credits. Useless on MFME as credits are unlimited, so will play the shit out of this tonight.
  12. CharlieRaymondo

    Searchlight £6 1024Wdx (reel symbols updated)

    Was it your one I did a YT video with and it looks a bit blurry?
  13. CharlieRaymondo

    Special Reserve Deluxe 1600+1280 DX's

    Perfect!! Thanks mate. Flippin hell mate, what you done to this. Pays out like fuck!!! Played this quite a bit back in the day and never got jp off nudge now. Better than the arcade version(ok, it's because it pays out more lol). Skill chance is frequent too. Thanks again C
  14. CharlieRaymondo

    Pcp's solid gold classic

    Thank you HTS