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  1. And another game: Lock 'n' Load Club (Red Gaming) (MPU5) 3 sets: m5lockcl.zip m5lockcl14.zip m5lockcl15.zip
  2. Can you tell me what is different with sets for my other fruit machines? ROMs attached: Royal Exchange Club (Barcrest) MPU5 m5rcx.zip m5rcxa.zip
  3. Yes, propa Happy Days, thank You Mr. frazertelford
  4. Mate, you are THE STAR !!! All works perfect. Machine back to LIfE You send me 2nd P1 chips, what's doing ?
  5. zip here Let me know, if something I can email it to you. Thank You m5nitro.zip
  6. 😳😲😳 wow Will do now.
  7. Hi I want to re-programm 4 proms from my mpu5 game card. I have files and eproms. How can help ? Thanks
  8. cozy

    Mpu5 status led

    All done, MPU5 changed and works perfect.
  9. cozy

    Mpu5 status led

  10. cozy

    Mpu5 status led

    So can't be fixed when RAM TEST FAILED 2 – 1? Just need to buy new working one ?
  11. I have samples of new coins. 20 of each one. Should be enough?
  12. There is any chance to change currency on coin mech? If yes, how much will cost. Thanks
  13. cozy

    Mpu5 status led

    It's seat propa, I just double check. So need new MPU5 board. Do you know anyone here who selling working/checked ones?
  14. cozy

    Mpu5 status led

    On the display shows 0 and on mpu5 first just greens leds only and later red halt led like without game card. See pics.