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  1. cozy

    Mpu5 status led

  2. cozy

    Mpu5 status led

    So can't be fixed when RAM TEST FAILED 2 – 1? Just need to buy new working one ?
  3. I have samples of new coins. 20 of each one. Should be enough?
  4. There is any chance to change currency on coin mech? If yes, how much will cost. Thanks
  5. cozy

    Mpu5 status led

    It's seat propa, I just double check. So need new MPU5 board. Do you know anyone here who selling working/checked ones?
  6. cozy

    Mpu5 status led

    On the display shows 0 and on mpu5 first just greens leds only and later red halt led like without game card. See pics.
  7. cozy

    Mpu5 status led

    Ok I did. So still 2x red flash and 1x green on broken Royal game. All pins in program card are good.
  8. cozy

    Mpu5 status led

    Yes and when i fit working mpu5 (nitro game) to not working machie (royal) and insert card game is shows: RESET REXG0.6 then INVALID OPTION. And I was fit "broken" mpu5 (royal game) to working machine (nitro) with card game then mpu5 halt red is ON like without card game. I think you understood
  9. cozy

    Mpu5 status led

    I bought this one and was think will be easy fix. Two others are working order.
  10. cozy

    Mpu5 status led

    My one, just bought 3rd one and not booting. Status LED flashing
  11. cozy

    Mpu5 status led

    This machine was working till Christmas - he said. How I can see different about later mpu5 ? Any serial numbers or others?
  12. cozy

    Mpu5 status led

    NO, just after turn on status led flashing. Machine not boot up. Machine - Royal Exchange.
  13. cozy

    Mpu5 status led

    I did, and nothing, I swap MPU from working machine and now I have two deads one is status led flashing red and green, another is just status led solid red On one was battery 0.24v, I changed but still not help. If you can tell me where is the RAM chips, I'll change them if I can buy just the rams.
  14. cozy

    Mpu5 status led

    Can I change the ram or need new MPU5 board?
  15. cozy

    Mpu5 status led

    I know is well old but it is happen now in 2019, sorry Still want to fix it.