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  1. MTC

    MPS2 JPM Super Fruits

    I am Looking for a tested MPS2 board to get my JPM Superfruit spinning again. If you have one for sale please contact me. best regards, mischa.neuteboom@gmail.com
  2. MTC

    JPM MPS2 dead

    Hi LouisBee, Mine is acting as shown in this clip...
  3. MTC

    MSP JPM Super Fruits

    Hallo LouisBee , Where is the ROM ? Its on the MpU ? I understand the damage that can be done with that 50v line. I am just not technical enough to fix my own problems I see now ☹.. Just a sucker who likes to play these .. Lol and I seem to choose big problem games too...like the pc-92 project. Thank you LouisBee.. I will try and sort the copying of any ROM and ssound when available. I will be back with update then Mischa
  4. My JPM Super Fruits will not start up no more. There are 4 redlights on the MpU and only two are lit, when the power is put on. The digital display next to these four red lights, shows one stripe only. Does anyone have a clue on what could be wrong ? Grateful for all tips that can lead to fixing my machine 20190122_133113.mp4
  5. MTC

    Project PC92 mpu repair

    Hallo Louis Bee, I am still finding my way around here. Just now I see your response .. The board is of the Chico the Bandit game. The game is so nice, I played it only twice ,back in the nineties.
  6. MTC

    PC92 board

    Hallo everyone, Anybody repairing PC92 boards ? Tell me your price please. Or if you have one for sale let me know. Best regards, Mischa Neuteboom Amsterdam The Netherlands
  7. MTC

    Chico the Bandit

    I'm in no hurry Riche100.. In the meantime I'll be on the phone. Thank you Superbank for the comment. I will upload some pictures along with my request.
  8. MTC

    Project PC92 mpu repair

    Hi Andrew that looks good. I dont have the knowledge on how to fix a board. I managed to take the battery of the board, but thats about it. Would you have a look at some pics I took from my PC92 and tell me whether it can be fixed ?
  9. MTC

    Chico the Bandit

    Looking for a Project 92 mpu board for sale...Its for my Chico the bandit fruitmachine..
  10. MTC

    Hallo everyone

    Thank you 😀
  11. Please alle me to introduce mezelf. I have no stealth, but do have some taste. Especially in eighties and early nineties fruitmachines and pinnballmachines. Nu name is Mischa Neuteboom, a single father of a 14year old angel named Angel. We live in Amsterdam and what used to be a bad habbit, playing fruitmachines while smoking and drinking, has turned into a fun hobby, in which my daughter is also becoming an enthousiastic player. I was directed to this platform for lovers of fruitmachines by a friend, who runs a simular Facebookpage. In the Netherlands we mostly have JPM, Barcrest and Bellfruitmachines. However these models are different than the ones in the UK though. At home I have a Blackjack by Barcrest which is played almost daily. Last week I thought I had found myself a jewel. A Project Coin Machines Ltd. called Chico the Bandit. The cabinet is near mint and the owner told me it was running well and we made a deal. As I arrived to pick it up, he told me that for the first time it would not start and ensured me it must be a fuse only. I took it home, took it upstairs and had a closer look. The batteryleakage was there. That was a great disappointment, especially when the people on the Dutch platform told me not to keep hopes up trying to find another PC-92-108-003 MpU board. But, your moderator does have good hopes I will find what I am looking for here 😀.. So if you have read this boring introduction and are able to help me please do. Best regards , Mischa Neuteboom.