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  1. Tonyhound

    Sr5i coin mech

    Hi Can anyone tell me the best place to get a sr5i con mech reprogrammed. I'm in Peterborough. Cheers Tony
  2. Tonyhound

    Replaced flat battery

    Works in real play too.
  3. Tonyhound

    Replaced flat battery

  4. Tonyhound

    Ron says hi

  5. Tonyhound

    Replaced flat battery

    Yeah not a problem just going to look at it.
  6. Tonyhound

    Replaced flat battery

    You are a star it was out. All sorted now machine working fine. ...cheers for your help
  7. Tonyhound

    Replaced flat battery

    On got a new pc plugged it in can now get to bios settings. It continues to boot up but says "alarm error code 34 mpu offline....any help would be appreciated
  8. Tonyhound

    Barcrest mk5 pc for erio

    His Does anybody know where I can get a mk5 pc for a barcrest rainbow riches erio. Cheers Tony
  9. Tonyhound

    Replaced flat battery

    OK cheers, just got to fix the plug from the power supply to the pc first as fans going on and off if it's wiggled. Still not sure about power supply though thought more than one wire would be live out of 20
  10. Tonyhound

    Replaced flat battery

    Right had a look at the pc today. Cleaned the memory boards and gfx card gold connections with a rubber and hey presto bios setting's appeared. But only for about 10 second's as the pc stopped had a fiddle with the lead coming from the power supply to the board and it's defo not making a good connection. Also only 1 wire on it is live, purple one at 5 volts I thought the reds on it should be live to. Bottom line is does anybody know where I can get a pc from. Mk5 but I believe a mk6 will fit too. Ta very much Tony
  11. Tonyhound

    Replaced flat battery

    So Andrew, before i trust a repair company do you think my problem is the pc ?
  12. Tonyhound

    Replaced flat battery

  13. Tonyhound

    Replaced flat battery

    Well if you want another go Andrew and if I can't get this machine fixed. I may donate it to you to have a second life ....lol
  14. Tonyhound

    Replaced flat battery

    Well that's impressive. Have you still got the machine? I won't ask how you did it coz even if you told me I wouldn't probably understand anyway.
  15. Tonyhound

    Replaced flat battery

    Andrew am I right in thinking the rainbow riches games with the pie chart gamble are on the later t7 machines as it's the gamble feature I really like. Tia Tony