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  1. RobT

    Alphanumeric dead display

    Thanks Crest, I'm good with a soldering iron just pointing at what to do there have been a few on ebay too, but just not sure what would work/adaptable. If you do have one that'll be fantastic, just say how much matey
  2. RobT

    Alphanumeric dead display

    You've got an eagle eye, nice spot I'll check that out tomorrow see if it glows up, failing would you think its fixable or knackered? Cheers Andrew
  3. RobT

    Alphanumeric dead display

    Cheers Crest, yep one of the two. The display looks in good shape when compared to my Lucky Strike machine. I'm leaning towards the board being faulty, just no clue how or what to check tbh. If I can even modify (somehow a newer board off Ebay) I would give that a go too Its just a pain not having it working
  4. Hi all Quick question, looking at replacing the dead display on the Chances Unlimited machine. I've checked the display on another machine and it isn't working sadly. I've looked at an old thread from 2015 and discussed was white sections in the corners, looking at the one have it doesn't look that bad, not sure if it's something else that might of gone pop!? Just seeing if anyone else has had a faulty display and managed to get it working, or replaced it with a newer display adapting it somehow? Thought I would ask the question Thanks all
  5. RobT

    Red Eachway Shuffle has Landed

    Loving the LED replacement tube bulbs, would like to do the same was that easy to do? I've looked on amazon and from the comments it does involve changing the wiring a bit?! Its looking fantastic, it such a brilliant machine love it
  6. RobT

    chances unlimited

    Hey Andrew, I did see this (after ordering) 😕 I just went off the details on the bulbs that were in the machine (12v 2.2watts), so ordered 12v warm white leds. Didn't know 34v ran through them, surprised the other bulbs didn't blow. I've also ordered normal lower watt bulbs 1.2watts which should be cooler Thanks for the info, I now know this for the future 👍
  7. RobT

    chances unlimited

    I'm not sure, do you all like LED's? It's not that clear from the messages 😂 Oops I have bought more BUT warm white this time from Amazon, if they look pants then they are out, but the pictures of them do look good, let's see I have some 1.2watts normal on the way too, will take some pics of the warm white show you all how they look, hopefully ok 😕
  8. RobT

    chances unlimited

    Cheers Richie with a bit of perseverance they came off in the end, but I'll take a look on ebay as they will be useful in other bits house related Thanks for the message, I just dont want to bore people with the same vids 😂 as in here we go again another video from Rob 😆
  9. RobT

    chances unlimited

    Thanks Nick super happy, and yes you were right the one marked as faulty wasnt!!! it did take a while and I was doubting it was going to work, but turned on with no errors did shout "Yes" quite loudly, so apologies if you live in the Midlands and heard me! Interesting so when a question mark is lit it does that, wow ok nice. But it is a super tight machine to play as you said yesterday. As for the alapha display I did see a thread on here from 2015 Midibob posted it about chip replacements, I need to read the whole thread first. Was tempted to try it out on my Lucky Strike see if it's faulty or not (to rule out maybe a mpu board issue? If it exists) but there are a few on ebay I'm not 100% as I know they wont fit but not sure if they can be adapted. I'll have another look Thanks again Nick you're a star
  10. RobT

    chances unlimited

    Nick the reel motors only bloody worked!!!!!!! A bit a faff getting the right position but got there in the end and works a treat as you will see in the video Thank you again for them and for the replace button, looks perfect now! Got the specks of paint off in the end, took a while. Thanks again Nick also to Paul for his email (which agree taking a motor apart would be a nightmare!) Thanks again all 20191206_170806.mp4
  11. RobT

    chances unlimited

    Hopefully so Crest it's a nice machine that one, yeah similar with my Lucky Strike think had the same issue missing back door and inner front bottom section was battered! Hope you get that beauty up and running soon
  12. RobT

    chances unlimited

    Nice Crest, would love to get putting that back together or trying at least, something therapeutic about it, the day shoots by!!!! Usually the stomach rumbles as a telltale sign and you think ah Ive not eaten in 8 hours!!! Amazing it was free too 😮 what a great project. No worries, I havent a scooby about allot of machine parts, faults or issues!!!! but this one does have me stuck! Thanks for the pics Crest
  13. RobT

    chances unlimited

    Hey Crest, Did you take any pics of your naughty but nice transformation? Would love to see that. Ive loved doing this one up it's been great fun so far, and would be great to see some before and after ones of your one Yeah I can imagine machines in worse condition, this was pretty poor and filthy but yeah sproused up nicely, and luckily working which surprised me, as my Lucky Strike was in far better condition but dead!!! Thanks for the message about the reels, the three little screws from the reels to the motor are really tight, it seems to be the bar linking the motor to the reels that's loose somehow. I can't see anywhere you can tighten these up. Theres a small clip pin that goes through the rod to the reel, but they dont budge either. It is odd, as the motors fine, the reels fine but loose somewhere 🤔
  14. RobT

    chances unlimited

    Hey Joe Weirdly no not really, all I did was fly wire a new battery, clean the mpu up with alcohol and that was it. The board looks to have been a bit toasty as the copper strips on the board looks to be bubbling up! One section has been linked with blobs of solder 🤔 so possibly dirty pins as plugged it all back in and it spring into life! Cheers for the message Joe yeah chuffed isn't the word, slowly taking shape!!
  15. RobT

    chances unlimited

    Cheers matey, yeah clean and clean and clean it was covered. A 10sq cm patch with a sponge was easily 6 times +. Not sure what the dirt was but man alive it was embedded! Cheers again for the message yeah slowly taking shape