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  1. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your life working at Bell Fruit. Amazing photos (that we wouldn't normally see) and photos of events and the machines you all created. An absolute shame they are/have gone! I bet it was brilliant working there, seeing the tech behind it all, the excitement of creating new machines, to putting them all together. I think we on the forum can say we all had a blast playing on some classic Bell Fruit machines over the years!! Thanks again for sharing some fascinating photos of some of the company's history great to see this (Also gutting to see skips full of glass and hearing of landfill inheriting some old machines )
  2. RobT

    chances unlimited

    Hey Richie Its happened again in alerts! Sorry just seen your reply now, need to dive into my settings as it's odd I'm not getting any alerts. Great I always wondered what that key slot was for, I have one on my Rock On (not sure why), I did click the switch and yep it displays info on the display which is cool I dont have a key may try and remove the lock and fit another on both the mpu3's I'm toying with the idea of opening a retro amusements as redundancy is on the cards at some point for me sadly. We have a retro arcade with pinballs and gaming in Worcester and it's doing really well so piggy backing with these guys could be fun just need to build up the machines a bit more!!! Yep Happy New Year matey
  3. RobT

    chances unlimited

    Happy new year Richie and to all Some unknown reason I didn't get an alert for this message?! Odd! Thanks for this never knew this could be done, how cool is that! What a great idea to personalise messages. Looks to be a bit fiddly but could be fun! This maybe a useful trick for a future idea I have, so may look into doing this at some point I have fly wired a new battery to the board so it should keep whatever's programmed in when eventually any new messages are loaded in Thanks again Richie for this, as for a re fill key it's a stupid question but what would that do and how does that work? I've noticed a key hole on the front of the machine (near the payout tray) is that it? Thanks again Rob
  4. RobT

    fruit machine glasses 80s ?

    Wow some very nice glass there! Some would make great wall light box displays
  5. RobT

    chances unlimited

    Thanks all for the messages yeah Richie is a absolute star and its looking great! Touch wood the fans are keeping the LEDs (which do also get quite toasty) and the glass cool, so hopefully may help with the life span of the bulbs (worth a try) Chris thank you for the offer too the Rock On is stood in the corner with you name on it ready to be played! I'll even get a bar stool for you to sit on whilst you do Thanks again for the offer Cheers all for the messages hope you have a great Christmas + a happy healthy 2020 🎅🎉🍻
  6. RobT

    chances unlimited

    Cheers for the message, didn't want to drive everyone mad with loads of posts Glad you enjoyed them, I do ramble on a bit 😆 Thanks again for the message
  7. RobT

    chances unlimited

    Hi all Another quick video to say a MASSIVE thank you to Richie100 for kindly sending another alphanumeric display over the weekend I've just replaced it with the dud one and it's working perfectly, now the machine is complete and looks fantastic super happy!!! Keeping a look out for tokens on ebay and once that tubes full it really will be complete. Thanks again Richie for this it really is much appreciated Rob 20191223_151940.mp4
  8. RobT

    Thank You MattyL

    This is why this site is fantastic and everyone on it, all helping each other out 👌👍
  9. RobT

    Alphanumeric dead display

    Sorry Richie I missed this, what a star you are 🙂 thank you 🙂 I'll message you now. Happy Christmas 🍻
  10. RobT

    Alphanumeric dead display

    Cheers anyway Crest really appreciate the thought Just doing an ebay search now may of found something (I think)
  11. RobT

    Alphanumeric dead display

    Cheers all for the messages I suppose I just need to keep an eye out for an mpu3 version on ebay which I imagine is super rare to come by but will keep a look out anyway. I will have to check out if the red glow happens when powered up, will do that tomorrow, thanks all
  12. RobT

    Alphanumeric dead display

    Thanks Crest, I'm good with a soldering iron just pointing at what to do there have been a few on ebay too, but just not sure what would work/adaptable. If you do have one that'll be fantastic, just say how much matey
  13. RobT

    Alphanumeric dead display

    You've got an eagle eye, nice spot I'll check that out tomorrow see if it glows up, failing would you think its fixable or knackered? Cheers Andrew
  14. RobT

    Alphanumeric dead display

    Cheers Crest, yep one of the two. The display looks in good shape when compared to my Lucky Strike machine. I'm leaning towards the board being faulty, just no clue how or what to check tbh. If I can even modify (somehow a newer board off Ebay) I would give that a go too Its just a pain not having it working
  15. Hi all Quick question, looking at replacing the dead display on the Chances Unlimited machine. I've checked the display on another machine and it isn't working sadly. I've looked at an old thread from 2015 and discussed was white sections in the corners, looking at the one have it doesn't look that bad, not sure if it's something else that might of gone pop!? Just seeing if anyone else has had a faulty display and managed to get it working, or replaced it with a newer display adapting it somehow? Thought I would ask the question Thanks all