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  1. Hi all sorry for my late reply! Yep super happy and for sure will post a few vids of them both running. Rock On I'm hopefully getting a quote for a new transfer (made abroad), so hopefully will get that to make the machine like new. I'll put the old glass in later today so may do a video then Thanks again all for the messages, yeah really happy and grateful for everyones help
  2. Cheers Midibob, amazing Super happy Thanks Mikeb yeah really is great to see them up and working again, I've got the fruit machine bug back, if I had a bigger house it would be dangerous, as I know I'll have a few more! In a two up two down (luckily) I'm restricted on space!! But I'm sure at some point I'll be after a few more 😉
  3. Just a quick message to say a big thank you to everyone on the forum for you help and tips! Big thankyou to Richi100 for pointing me in the direction of Midibob, who undoubtedly has the patience of a saint and has managed to get both of my poorly machines up and running again! I'm one VERY happy chappy! Thanks again everyone, it great to see so many people have the love for classic machines with all the restorations I read in here. 20190209_144410.mp4
  4. RobT

    Glass reproduction and reprint

    Fantastic thanks warlord! I'll do a search now, hopefully he's still doing this
  5. RobT

    Glass reproduction and reprint

    Yeah makes sense, annoying but make a sense. Hopefully someone on here may suggest someone
  6. RobT

    Glass reproduction and reprint

    Ahh maybe that was the thread I read on here. It did go all quite! That's mad, it went to that stage. I mean I think if anyone wanted to get the glass remade professionally then that should be a service they offer at a cost, we want to get it done, so fining some one who can do this when they don't even offer the service themselves is just stupid. I approached SG games who look like they've taken over barcrest, they told me to email them, and never heard back. These companies do themselves no favours, as we are willing to pay
  7. RobT

    Glass reproduction and reprint

    Cheers Andrew, yep it does look that way, approached about 5 local places and they was told they couldn't. I thought I'd ask as a lad on YouTube posted a vid of his machines and one he had glass reproduced on, and that one had the mirror look. I did leave a message in the comments a couple of weeks ago, but sadly hasn't replied Thought I'll post a plea on here
  8. Hi all, Need your expert advice! I'm looking at trying to get my glass reproduced, I know theres an old thread on here about it but no recommendations. The issue with local companies are they can not replicate the mirror effect used on my glass, and offered either white or a fake chrome look (which will look pants). I just wanted to throw it out there seeing if anyone knew if any company(s). The companies I approached locally are fantastic, but don't offer this kind of service or detail. They did say the technique used on the glass is an old fashioned way of production (which just goes to show how good they were back then if they can't replicate it now!!), and can only offer a large sticker/vynal print AND cannot reproduce the blacked out sections behind the glass, so any suggestions would be fantastic!! Cheers all
  9. RobT

    Rock On MPU2 touch up

    Yeah I was thinking the same, just not sure how easy it is to get the glass out or the best place to get the paint from to do it. Just thought i would ask on here if anyone has even tried any of this on there machine
  10. RobT

    Rock On MPU2 touch up

    Thanks Mike, ah ok so it's doable, I'll have a try but the coin slots do look welded in due to no screw As for the glass, ok so that's possibly not going to happen, thought i would put the question out there see if anyone has attempted it as it's in a bit of a sorry state, oh well
  11. Hi all, I just want to say a huge thank you to all who have helped and given me advice on my two machines, it been amazing I'm going to send off my mpus for both machines over to someone on here to take a look at. In the mean time I'm going to strip my Rock On down and remove the glass to touch up with paint and put a protective film over it when done. I just wanted to ask has anyone resorted an old MPU2 machine? I looks like i have to remove everything inside including the coin slots too, before the glass comes out (from what I can see) The problem is as it's been in the cellar parts of the inner gubbins has corroded or even broken due to being brittle. I've attached a load of photos to show. The coin slots screws have just broken off completly without me even touching them, so the slots won't budge. I've neglected this for way too long sadly, and it needs some love given back big time (and will be in a dry warm environment when finished) never again in a wet cellar, I'm embarrassed and really sad it's looking the way it is So a few questions if anyone can help? Also has anyone ever re painted/touched up art work on a machine before? Need to sort allot out on mine and wondered if it can be done (the silver, yellow and red parts weirdly the blue is ok) and if anyone had any ideas or thoughts? Again thanks all for your help so far any help and tips would be brilliant
  12. RobT

    12v meter alarm on my Barcrest Lucky Strike

    Hi all I've taken a bunch of pics of both machines MPUs Rock On looks in good shape, Lucky Strike ok but not the best. I'll upload the pics of Lucky Strike first
  13. RobT

    12v meter alarm on my Barcrest Lucky Strike

    Sounds like you had a similar childhood classic machine love it, and you ran you're own arcade every kid on this forums dream!!! Brilliant
  14. RobT

    12v meter alarm on my Barcrest Lucky Strike

    Hey Shaun2097, thanks for the tip. I'll take a look, from memory the two crimps are on the bottom two pegs but will have another look. It was like this when I had it, it did work for a while and went on me. I've tried to disconnect the circular connections and they are real buggers, I managed to get two out but the other are I swear glued in, didn't want to pull too hard as I thing the board will come with it!!! But it's still not happy, gone over all the connections and all seem to be ok. 🤔 Thanks BF74, so a few have suggested it could be a faulty meter, where would you guys recommend I grab another from? Up for trying anything! Stonyat421....hmmm just seen this message now 😪 moved the Rock On machine completly cleaned it out, quite a bit of rust which is never good... and yep after hours of warming it up to room temperature I plugged it in!!!! Oh god I may of killed it then 😭 I'll put a few picks up of Rock On and Lucky Strikes fault too! In my award winning cleaning skills I have managed to rub off a win line too, oh god it's going well 😕
  15. RobT

    12v meter alarm on my Barcrest Lucky Strike

    Yeah it's hard work getting the house done up AND getting decent builders too!! looking forward to getting my small cellar converted, heated and dried out so I can put my machines in it too! With my Rock On for sure I'll post some bits on here, if it works (which would be a miracle) ill post a little video, but I imagine it will be pleas for help on here instead!! Thanks for the 12v tip, tomorrow I'll remove the plate off and check on a battery and wires, failing that I think it maybe a call on someone to take a look! I'm great with a soldering iron BUT need to know what I'm soldering!! I can't imagine getting someone out to look at it will be cheap, but it is odd as the machine fully works when my makeshift back panel is removed (the stick switch pops out) putting the machine into test mode. It fully works but doesn't pay out, but get the 12v error when I put the back door back on, really weird! 😕 Really puzzled 🤔