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  1. RobT

    Rock On Video as promised :)

    I just need to find an original old 50p coin mec slot to replace the one I have and itll be pefect then!
  2. RobT

    Rock On Video as promised :)

    Wow great find BF74! Love it! I'm sure this would of been a colour flier at one point, would look nice in a frame Thanks for posting this, love it!
  3. RobT

    Rock On Video as promised :)

    Thanks Niftynudger yeah super lucky with the glass!!! I've looked at ebay since 1998 and nothing for a rock on at all, but Paul messaged me on here saying he had one (I nearly shat myself) so super happy doesn't come close
  4. RobT

    Rock On Video as promised :)

    Amazing Crest thank you!!! That's really interesting, I'll have to save a copy when I put my pc on later I had no idea how old Rock on was until Paul told me last weekend, but you even have the month too! Fantastic. Theres NOTHING on the web anywhere I could find to date old Barcrest machines, so you're the first with this! Thanks again for tagging me in
  5. RobT

    Rock On Video as promised :)

    Cheers Phil yeah I love it, and really happy the way the new glass looks, its given her a face lift, I'm so chuffed and lucky too as I know replacement glass is nearon impossible to get
  6. RobT

    Rock On Video as promised :)

    Thanks all for the great messages yes super happy with the way it looks now (although I was happy before) just really chuffed its back up and running again, as it really was in a sorry state! I cant thank everyone involved enough on the mecca, I know I have a bunch of times already but it was truly in a bad way. Crest - yep for sure I've kept the original glass its wrapped up and safe Thanks again all for the messages, here's a little video which is better of the new glass
  7. RobT

    Rock On Video as promised :)

    Thanks all for the messages if it wasn't for you and this site it would be in a corner not working. I did the replacement glass after work and have to say bloody el it looks new!!! I thought the reels looked yellow, but with the new glass in they dont. I started to do a video but (twatly here left the phone charger, so been at work on 10%, doing the video dropped to 3% then off!) So have a few pics and a short video until tomorrow Thanks again all I'm so chuffed 20191008_175705.mp4
  8. As you will hear on the video this is dedicated to everyone on the mecca as a big thank you for all your help shes back up and running again
  9. Oh no gutted for you I'm sure its sold to someone on here who may see this thread and offer it to you, as it is such a niche item for sure they will be on the mecca Oh if ever you sell Action Pack or Hit The Top do PM me
  10. Hopefully you won the glass I noticed it ended today and at not a bad price too!
  11. You're welcome hope you get it, fingers crossed!! It was like me with my Rock On glass (which I still need to collect), I didn't know about it but thanks to the mecca was kindly told about it. Hope you get it to put in your machine
  12. Hi Amot, I'm jealous of your hit the top!! I remember this thread and found this on ebay as I knew you were after replacement glass if you haven't got it already https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VINTAGE-JPM-SLOT-MACHINE-GLASS-FRONT-FRAMED-BIG-MONEY-BANK-WITH-WHEEL-POP-ART-/202764834177?nav=SEARCH
  13. RobT

    Rock On (MPU2) DX

    Hey Frig, Looks great good work on the graphics and everyone elses input, like in my PM to you its nice to have a working version as my machine isnt playing ball at the min 😐 Great work again all, now everyone can enjoy playing it Will download it when I'm back off my hols Cheers all Rob
  14. RobT

    A quick MPU2 Question

    Hi all so sorry for the late reply, not the brightest move on my side posting this before I went away on a long holiday! Thanks for all the tips, going to give these a try and see how I get on. Thanks again all for your messages Rob
  15. RobT

    A quick MPU2 Question

    Morning all, Amazing thank you for all the messages really appreciated I'll have another look shortly at the connections, cables and boards and see. I'll probably be at a loose end again and post some more pics/vids but will take a look. Thanks again all, once this is up and running I'll do a video of it. Cheers all Rob