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  1. Xzilzalx

    1991 Bell Fruit Temptation

    I think your probably right, just had a little look at it all and I could reset what I guess is the motherboard. I could then hear the sounds but extremely quiet with the volume at the max
  2. Xzilzalx

    1991 Bell Fruit Temptation

    Good evening! I have a Bell fruits Temptation machine as shown in the picture provided. Its been in storage for the past 5 years and now I’ve got it back. Fortunately it’s booted up straight away and from a playing point of view performs as it should. However the sound isn’t working at all. Would the sound be RAM based on this machine and the back up battery has died? If so is there a way of getting it back? If not then I can look into speaker broken etc Also is it possible on this age of machine to convert it to new coins? Sorry for such amatuer questions but really have no idea about the workings of these machines. thank you in advance for any help!
  3. Xzilzalx


    Hello there I’ve got a old Fruit machine I’ve had for years in storage and finally got it out and have some technical questions I can’t find answers for anywhere else. hopefully you guys will help and I’ll post into the appropriate sub! thank you