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  1. Does anyone know what the resolution both screens use please ? I found by holding Alt and TAb key as the mouse loads bring a config for the monitors, I have been able to get both screens working but half of the image on the top screen then a combination of the 2 screens on the bottom, also notice none of the button work now either
  2. wonder if anyone does images for them anymore?
  3. Hi Andrew firstly let me congratulate you on a fantastic Youtube it's very interesting and might I say your the reason why I Bought the Elvis Rio Machine. So just gone and looked at the pc again and you are 100% right it does have a ps2 port for both mouse and keyboard. I wonder if you have instructions on what to do to get windows seeing both monitors. You are spot on with your diagnostics, I removed the PC from the cabinet and only had one monitor plugged in. kind regards paul
  4. Hi andrew never noticed any ps2 ports but that probably me been daft i'll have another look lol. Are you the guy with the youtube test rig on Elvis? I would love to repair this myself if possible i like to know how things work.
  5. Good afternoon Everyone from a very rainy York. Ok, here's why I'm here, By Barcrest Rio Elvis MAchine suddenly stopped booting up and when it did boot so far it appeared to be not keeping its bios settings. As my background is I.T from repairing to programming I thought I would take a look. Upon delving inside the pc, I found the backup battery to be very low volts so I replaced it, also the CPU fan wasn't spinning or when it did it was very so slow, so replaced it. Upon booting all seemed fine but now everything is displayed on the top monitor both screens. I might add though when booting both monitors display the bios screen. So I'm guessing its lost its settings. I can't seem to plug a keyboard or mouse in nothing seems to work. Is there a way to get back both screens? Any help would be gratefully received. Was even thinking of imaging the pc if I get it all working again? I dont have access to any other groups on here hence why i put my enquiry in here. Paul