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  1. gdavies

    MPU6 updates

    I have just checked the wires to the coin mech, it only has one cable going into it, I am taking the coin mech to be reprogrammed so hopefully that will get that one resolved, thanks for the input.
  2. gdavies

    MPU6 updates

    I only asked as I have seen a listing for a new mpu6 but they do state you need to move software from old one to the new one, many thanks all the same
  3. gdavies

    Swap mpu6

    Do I need do anything to switch mpu6 Unit’s on a fruit machine or can I just switch them over
  4. gdavies

    MPU6 updates

    The errors I get are coin mech 10 and serial bus er 89
  5. gdavies

    MPU6 updates

    Well replaced the battery on mine an yet still get the same 2 errors and one still saying low battery, an yet it’s a fresh battery, any ideas
  6. gdavies

    New machine help required.

    Cheers Andrew wasn’t far off then
  7. gdavies

    MPU6 updates

    Is it just a matter of plugging in an ethernet cable cause the manual shows update via usb, but no links given, an the machine I have now shows low battery so may need to find a way of exporting the software off it too, just in case
  8. gdavies

    MPU6 updates

    Does anyone know you would download updates for the mpu6 boards, as it has a usb slot for updates, just wondering if I update it, would it give more features etc
  9. Many thanks hope to be of use where I can be
  10. gdavies

    New machine help required.

    I am new here but I have a sneaky feeling those bulbs will be 12v, and possibly 5mm a quick amazon search for clear fruit machine bulbs does bring up similar one, and I would say the machine would not be able to tell which colour they are so would think any colour would work, hope that helps
  11. Well I took the plunge and brought a fruit machine, brought a bite night, by redgaming which happens to be a bar rest, with an mpu6 inside, am I in the world of trouble or the world of fun, hope I can share technical knowledge here and hope to pick some up soon. Either way hello to one and all