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    Hi there!
  2. draeburn

    WANTED - funny money, mummy talks

    Force the flash off to start, and try to only have natural light.......should help!
  3. Awesome thanks so much, it worked!
  4. I get that, the problem is I am a total beginner so really can’t contribute to most of the conversations. I am looking to learn, but with no guide I am not even sure how to program the simplest thing......I was hoping a manual or guide would help me start to learn!
  5. Hi again, I recently made a donation, and would love to access downloads for a Barcrest MPU5 manual, but it doesn't seem to work. Anyone know why? Have I not donated enough? Any advice much appreciated! In other news, my Bucks Fizz has now gone to a new home, glad it's going to be repaired rather than dumped!! Thanks again Neville!
  6. Hi everyone....not sure if it's OK to ask here, but can someone tell me how I can adjust the volume on this machine? Thank in advance!!
  7. Hi everyone, Just got my first fruit machine called Bling Crazy by Barcrest. It’s all working, and I’ve even sussed out some basic controls as I got a small 3 page introduction document with it. Strangely I also got a few promo sheets with it....but no detailed manual. I'm sure if it breaks I’ll be on here to gain some collective wisdom, but in the meantime would be interested to know I’d anyone else has one of these things? More of a pinball fan if I’m honest (hope that’s not offensive on this forum! 😂😂), but hoping to learn something new here! Cheers!