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  1. Bigchris210

    Help with dond think red

    I have just bought a dond think red with the scorpion 5 board, every time I switch it on it comes up with “Error coin mech 10” if I leave it on for about 15 mins then switch it off and on again it clears and plays fine all day, switch it off and it does the same the next day. I have replaced the battery and visually checked the wiring and all the plugs any help would be great fully recieved thanks
  2. Bigchris210

    crystal Frame and fortune

    Hi I think it’s jpm, I’m not to clued up on this thanks
  3. Bigchris210

    crystal Frame and fortune

    Hi no it just paid the ten pounds out which was in the winnings window and just went off, I bought a refurbished power supply and have checked all the boards for dry joints but nothing, I have just checked the battery today and that's fine and is showing 3,2v when tested and no signs of leakage
  4. Bigchris210

    crystal Frame and fortune

    Hi I have uploaded the video as you can see when switched on there’s nothing on the front and only the alarm and the lights on th reels and coin Dispenser thanks 8A05E853-81CE-4BC8-87D2-13021B01ADF2.MOV
  5. Bigchris210

    crystal Frame and fortune

  6. Bigchris210

    crystal Frame and fortune

    Hi yes have left the machine on for 24 hours and nothing on the display it’s just blank thanks
  7. Bigchris210

    crystal Frame and fortune

    Thanks Riche100
  8. Hi i have a crystal frame and fortune which was working fine till one day I was playing then left it on for an hour with credit and £10 winnings all of a sudden it just paid out the £10 and shut off, I switched off at the plug and back on again but it won’t boot up the only life in the bandit is the coin mechanism light is on and the red lights on the reels are on the alarm keeps sounding every 10 seconds. I have tried a new power supply which as been fully tested, and checked all the switches. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks