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  1. WibbleWobble

    C435a coin entry bezel

    Hi Matty, Drop me a PM and we will get the details sorted. Pete
  2. WibbleWobble

    C435a coin entry bezel

    Hello Again, Found it, it does have the TKN entry on the coin label, but here is a picture:
  3. WibbleWobble

    C435a coin entry bezel

    Hi Matty, I think that I have got one in a box of spares, will go out to the workshop and have a look. Pete
  4. WibbleWobble

    Maygay EPOCH MPU repair

    I'd also be interested to see another repair thread, I find them fascinating, I just don't have the dexterity, patience or know how to even start repairing boards. Which is a shame as I have been given another Fruit Machine (Full Moon Fever) which looks like it might have a dead Epoch board. The hit and miss nature of the spare boards I have seen makes getting a replacement a bit of a risk. Pete
  5. WibbleWobble

    Security Chip for MPU5 (Flash version)

    Hi, I have arrived back home finally, and the card that has arrived is as follows, I can see that it is labelled as bootstrap 1.21, Not sure which is the CPLD, so unsure is I have the correct version. I guess that I now need to try and track down the RTC TR09 as well. Pete
  6. WibbleWobble

    Maygay EPOCH MPU repair

    Fascinating repair thread, you must have patience in buckets and a steady pair of hands for all that soldering.
  7. WibbleWobble

    Security Chip for MPU5 (Flash version)

    Hi, Thanks for the replies, Before I purchased the card, I sent the seller a message with the photo's above, and he confirmed that they had the same type. I am away on business at the moment, I will have to wait until I get back home at the weekend to see what has been sent. Apologies that I can't answer more accurately, until the weekend, I will have to see if I have got the correct version with bootstrap v1.21 and CPLD 0.1 although I must admit I have no idea what these are, I assume that the bootstrap is some kind of self starting software such as used in bootstrapped USB pen drives etc Pete
  8. WibbleWobble

    Security Chip for MPU5 (Flash version)

    Hi All, I know this request is quite a bit newer than 1995 but as I have seen some requests for e-Rio cards etc, I thought I'd risk and ask (if this is inappropriate or needs moving then please feel free) Does anybody happen to know where I might be able to source a specific security chip ( RTC TR09 ) I have a Star Wars a New Hope Barcrest Horizon cabinet that I am trying to resurrect. I have been able to source a new MPU 5 Game card for it as the one it should have was sold prior to me getting my hand on it. From what I can discover the £70 JP version needs to have the RTC TR09 chipe mentioned above and as shown in the attached image: Thanks in advance Pete
  9. WibbleWobble

    Hello Folks

    Hi Everyone, New around these parts, so I thought I'd stop by and say hello. Hoping to build an emulator cabinet from scratch, to play the games I used to enjoy in my local.