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  1. alex74.

    Astra's piggy banking classic

    Thanks for the release. Looks a nice game to have a bash on
  2. alex74.

    Golden Ghost £3 Dx (system 80)

    fantastic Vectra. Looks fantastic. looking forward to playing it. Back in the day i remember an arcade with a few silver ghosts and a golden steppa. always plaYed. Thanks for the release.
  3. alex74.

    Maygay's quickshot (proconn)classic

    Many thanks for the release Seb. One I've never played. Looking forward to giving it a bash
  4. alex74.

    bwb cashcade classic

    Superb to see this lovely machine emulated. A simple but nice little game and a pleasing machine on the eye. Thanks for this Seb, This is a hard one to emulate as the lamps when the roms are first loaded into the emulator are all over the show, so thanks for taking the time on it Seb. Looks great
  5. alex74.

    Hot shot classic

    Thanks for the release Seb. Looking forward to having a play later.
  6. alex74.

    Pcp this 'n that classic

    Many Many thanks Seb. Oh yes I remember playing this in the centre of Manchester as a kid. Really good little fun machine and quite rare to have the alpha on a 2p conversion of this cab. This is actually quite an interactive game. Fantastic to be able to play this again.
  7. alex74.

    3X sys80

    Thanks so much for all of these roms Louie very very much appreciated
  8. alex74.

    Barcrest mpu4 big shot classic

    Thanks very much Seb. Looks fantastic. I remember playing this version many moons ago.
  9. alex74.

    CC & SG

    Thanks so much for the roms Louie you are an absolute star. Thanks so much for all the good work you have done and thanks to Mr Instance automatics.
  10. alex74.

    Super BAR-X DX

    Looks fantastic thank you for the layout.
  11. alex74.

    Cash n' carry classic

    Superb many thanks Seb and great to see you around. Great memories of playing this in Morecambe around 92(an arcade still had 2) Looks superb thanks Seb. Thanks Riche for donating the roms to such a rare rare machine
  12. alex74.

    Top Streak DX

    Thanks very much for this cracking release. Superb to see this emulated a few years back we never thought we would see it. So a real treat. Thanks again Dean and long may you keep the layout release bug with you!
  13. alex74.

    Fortune Trail DX

    Superb dean thanks so much for this release looks brilliant. So glad you have done this brill system 80
  14. alex74.

    AMOT's MPU3 roms

    Many Thanks For the roms very much appreciated as always
  15. Since the Mecca upgrade I couldn't log in as even though was using correct password, it wasn't letting me in. I don't have access to my old email address so have set up a new account with my new email. I am only writing this as it says you have to introduce yourself to use the site. It is a shame as I have lost my post count and everything. But anyway