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  1. alex74.

    BWB System 80 Fruit Swap roms

    Many thanks for these very rare ROMs. Very much appreciated Louie.
  2. It's been a while since I did a release due to ill health and struggling to log into this site after the upgrade about 6 months ago. As I don't have the email address I signed up to the Mecca with I have had to re register, I've done my old username with a full stop on the end. Here is a re release of the Bouncer Classic I did quite a few years back. Thanks to Wizard it now has the sounds such a big part of these system 80 machines. I would like to thank Ploggy for setting up the original sytem 80 blank layout used. Also thank you to Simon(Nudge Shuffle ) for taking time out to photograph the correct reel symbols and fonts which are used on this update. Thanks also to Pete W and Red Rose Leisure for the roms. This update also features the payout sounds and does the token payout sounds. For me this and it's clones were my favourite machines of all time. I felt it was quite forward thinking for it's time and it plays a simple but addictive game. The thrill when it feature holds after nudges and adds loads more, also the thrill when you hold the middle melon on the Bouncer feature thinking will the 3rd one stop first! Super machine. Hope you enjoy Alex jpmbouncer.rar
  3. alex74.

    Silver Ghost (system80) £3 Dx

    Wow fantastic to get a DX of this. Looks fantastic Vectra especially so considering there wasn't a lot of artwork around for this one. Yes I remember seeing a row of 4 of these in an arcade back in the day with one Golden Steppa next to them. They were constantly played on especially with older folk. Thanks again Vectra superb.
  4. alex74.

    SRU 2p Each Way shuffle

    Superb thank you for the ROMs be really nice to see this emulated. Interesting that mdm went for 2 of a kind wins paying 10pwith perhaps a tighter gamble between 10 and 20p rather than 4p paying out automatically.
  5. alex74.

    512K rom rips

    Thanks Louie
  6. alex74.

    Bar Sevens DX

    Thanks for this looks great. Remember loads in coral island in Blackpool
  7. alex74.

    MPS No Limit Nuger roms

    Thanks Louie quite liked this one.
  8. alex74.

    Golden Ghost System80 ROM

    thanks for the video amot brings back some really good memories.
  9. alex74.

    Golden Ghost System80 ROM

    Superb thank you Louie and Amot. Extremely rare to find the proper Golden Ghost om.
  10. alex74.

    System 80 rom pulls.

    Thanks so much for these Louie
  11. alex74.

    Mystery Trail sys80 roms

    Thanks so much Louie. The Mystery Trail roms we do not have. They are the £2 version of Mystery Spin. Super to have these when uploaded as it will complete a set. Fortune Trail v2p version Mystery Spin £3 version and Mystery Trail £2 version.
  12. alex74.

    Astra's piggy banking classic

    Thanks for the release. Looks a nice game to have a bash on
  13. alex74.

    Golden Ghost £3 Dx (system 80)

    fantastic Vectra. Looks fantastic. looking forward to playing it. Back in the day i remember an arcade with a few silver ghosts and a golden steppa. always plaYed. Thanks for the release.
  14. alex74.

    Maygay's quickshot (proconn)classic

    Many thanks for the release Seb. One I've never played. Looking forward to giving it a bash
  15. alex74.

    bwb cashcade classic

    Superb to see this lovely machine emulated. A simple but nice little game and a pleasing machine on the eye. Thanks for this Seb, This is a hard one to emulate as the lamps when the roms are first loaded into the emulator are all over the show, so thanks for taking the time on it Seb. Looks great