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  1. MattyL

    Rollercoaster Club

    Still going... plastic's all 're finished
  2. Ahhh yeah... I can see it's not an Electra cab now. Can't help...
  3. MattyL

    Pcb laqueur

    It only takes a few minutes to cure in full sun. You can angle the board towards the sun in a DVD case to help it catch the light (watch out for bird shit!). Uv led torch works well idealy you want it as close as possible as Led light is conical. So pack up the torch and leave standing just off the board that will go off quick. It insulates too so I'm experimenting with repairing and repairing/cleaning/testing one track at a time and quickly sealing it in to minimise shorts or shit touching it.
  4. What's in the impulse machine mate impact tech?
  5. Hi, check out fruit emu's forum. Might be more what your after.
  6. MattyL

    Picked up a bargain Impact! ;)

    Thanks for the offer Darren you're a star! I'll hold out for the RC manual it's more just to go with it once it's finished. Cheers bud
  7. MattyL

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    Great read, thanks Frank
  8. MattyL

    Scorpion 2 with Cops 'N' Robbers - Error 96

    If in doubt just program some new Roms it's the only way to be sure.... also im thining if you did repair the damage, did you check underneath the sound card connector on the board?
  9. MattyL

    JPM Impact flat to vertical conversation

    Impact R Darren! Glad they've gone to a good home
  10. MattyL

    build me an mfme machine!

    What I'm interested in is doing this in reverse so potentially using a Raspberry Pi running MFME inside a classic machine... replacing the MPU. I hope it's possible one day! It's running the software... the buttons and hopper are ok from what I can gather it's just the physical driving of the reels and lamps!?
  11. MattyL

    Impact1 motherboards?

    Hi, someone sent me x2 impact1 motherboards to test out...both boards with the reset light removed mod are faulty. Nothing visible damaged. 1. Alarmed for Ram clear but then clicked/repeat cycle. 2. No Ram alarm just the lazy reel twitch. I'm going swap the square socketed FPGA IC just to test the programs. I've also spotted some of the voltage regulators of doom. Does anyone have any other suggestions on what to look for or where to start? Thnx
  12. MattyL

    Rollercoaster Club

    All the prep work done and the first few coats of etched primer applied. Next step- rubbing it all down then repeat.
  13. MattyL

    Rollercoaster Club

    Here are the repairs- I missed a break so had to come back to this one...it's had x2 new 96 pin connectors fitted. Out of the 4 I've fixed this one was the hardest by far...It just needs sealing in with some of Andrews green mask...for the 2nd time! 🙂 I won't be using it the Roller coaster as I've got something else going in... all works fine. 😊
  14. MattyL

    Rollercoaster Club

    Here's a few pics of the repair original Cpu card. The previous owner said it was working 5mins before putting up for sale! It was mounted upright with the motherboard flat. The damage went down through the custom s6.16 chip socket into the 96pin edge connector.
  15. MattyL

    Rollercoaster Club

    I can just about load up pornography on a pc and that's all