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  1. MattyL

    Another Maygay M1 board repair

    Nice work Andrew as always! You're track repairs are a work of art. Will you be fitting you're special Ram to this one?
  2. MattyL

    All JPM Vogue Machines

    Hi mate, I will be leaving it until I get it to my workshop. I want the glass out on my big bench rather than try it at home.
  3. I see people like that come up on Facebook and never heard of again. Ask him if he can reprogram the actel chip on an Epoch and see what he says lol.
  4. MattyL

    M1 help

    That's useful information thanks. I've not removed the large caps yet I'm doing some research before hand. With my other techs I accumulate Psu's so I've never actually repaired one! I've found a fault on Diode D1, I'm getting a reading both ways on that. The bridge rectifier on the board I'm not sure how to test yet. It goes up slowly because I presume it's charging the caps? So I'm unsure of how to read it. The relay looks ok visually. I'm up for doing this though. Apologies for the lots of questions I was psyched up to test my board this evening. Is there a schematic for the psu? I'm searching for the diode ID and other ID's Also when you guys replace the loom psu connector block to the mpu. What type do you order? There's nothing better than learning all this stuff! Thanks fellas 😊😎
  5. MattyL

    M1 help

    Hi folks. I finished my board and switched on the power but zero leds came on... Seems like there's no power. I've heard about the mpu switching on the psu? Just seeking some advice slightly confused as I don't know the tech to well.
  6. MattyL

    Joke of Year - Ben Moore 2019

    No mate I might have said not to use non rechargeable coin cells. It's more important to look at stuff like the appropriate voltages and think about what you want when choosing a battery
  7. MattyL

    Joke of Year - Ben Moore 2019

    Also fellas Ben Moore is 16 so anything he's doing with electronics or fruity engineering should be encouraged. There's no way I could do any of this at that age. I've seen him getting shit off grown blokes a few times on here. We can all be grumpy f@%s but I think the younger members of the mecca should get a bit of a break... in a good way 😎
  8. MattyL

    Joke of Year - Ben Moore 2019

    I never said that mate you must have miss understood. I said I prefer using varta batteries myself just as a personal preference. They are exactly what was intended hold their charge and they've got pins fitted so simple to fly wire them away. I have them on 1000mm fly wires and they're heat shrinked in safe spots in the cabs. Im not an authority on which batteries to use though. That's not to say anyone else's choices are wrong if you want coin cells fit them that's cool too. We're all in agreement to desolder the originals that's the main thing. Side note Andy if your selling any 100 year M1b ram I'll buy a few. 😎
  9. MattyL

    All JPM Vogue Machines

    Yeah that would be really handy mate... if you can show where the sticky meets the glass that would be great. Thanks
  10. MattyL

    All JPM Vogue Machines

    Will do mate. I can usually tidy them up but this isn't damage it's poor adhesion. I've got a massive list of bits to do so might be a few months. Here's the before. Damaged in the sheriffs badge. I'm hoping to get it all back in place
  11. MattyL

    All JPM Vogue Machines

    Black frame do you mean the center pieces sticky tape sounds scary with bad glass lol
  12. MattyL

    All JPM Vogue Machines

    I'll get a pic later. Yeah I'm going to try and sort it out the glass. I've got a few ideas, I'm thinking 1.5mm poly carbonate behind it press it back to glass. Does anyone know how to get the glasses out on vogue cabs?
  13. MattyL

    All JPM Vogue Machines

    The outlaw club I picked up the other day is 1996/ motherboard still mounted flat. It's one of the ones with glass issues. Original processor card still running with a blue battery. The lamp in the end of the outlaws ciggy I love it's so cool. Picked this up for free 5 miles from my house!
  14. MattyL

    M1 help

    Thanks mate... that's probably going to be the east part of m1s? Did you have the file for the m1 test Rom Mick? I'm struggling to find it