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  1. MattyL

    Impact Las vegas

    Finally finished got this old girl finished..nice Casino crazy style machine originally cost me £25! I'm happy with how it's turned out. The colour works ok for me 👌 Ready to rinse it. Thanks again Rob Moore for the Cup card repair and Lewis B for helping me out with a few bits.
  2. Great Idea! I love the BFM Smiley Cab clubbers. I know the rough years of production of a some but not the exact dates.
  3. MattyL

    Scorpion 4 transister help!

    Hi mate! Gatecrasher classics vo1 on in the background there lol Andrew lol? That tune takes me back
  4. MattyL

    Impact Las vegas

    Csa 8.00 Mt ceramic resonator at Y1. Starting to see what everything does now. Happy days thanks Andrew!
  5. MattyL

    Impact Las vegas

    Thanks again Andrew. I totally get that and it's all something I've been wondering about for ages: signals! I will look out for a second hand scope or see if I can borrow one of someone (permanently lol). I've a ordered a logic probe- I know it's no good for measuring the correct frequencies but might help me a bit just to see if anything's there at all in the mean time. Found it interesting as 'clock' sounds like a component initially! I can see now how it's a signal/wave from multiple components, I didn't know any of that. It's all making more sense now which is invaluable...thanks Where possible I'm sticking with RS or Farnells for components.
  6. MattyL

    Impact Las vegas

    Thanks Andrew I've ordered some cpu sockets the other day so will replace it. Cool, so just meter the zn404 across pins and read it-should be able to check that. 👍 Ive just been reading about the clock pin on the Microprocessor and it's pin 6 so just gonna watch a few vids to check I'm defo reading it right and on know right pin.. It seems like it's a signal or wave so how would you test that with a meter still or is that what your oscilloscope is for?
  7. MattyL

    Impact Las vegas

    I've been trying to repair this original Cpu card while I've been waiting about for some parts Tested ic working in another card- Microprocessor ✅ Pal chips ✅ Replaced- Sn74hc04n at U6 hex inverter. This had a bit of green rot (thanks Louie b for explaining) nearby tracks checked ok. It sill doesn't boot so I've got some new Ram coming also going to try new transistors. Question... How do I check the voltage regulator? (Zn404) Thanks I'm getting there with this!
  8. MattyL

    Impact Las vegas

    Think we all are a little bit here mate haha, I can't leave knocks dents or anything (that's a because I make stuff for a living). I also refinish the backs of cabs.. fit new locks and always treat a machine to every single new bulb change if im taking it home!!I can tell the difference between new and 20 year old bulbs seriously. Think we're all just propper job people 😂👌
  9. MattyL

    Duff Beer Guide cabinet

    Not done one of these cabs im always stripping doors though so general tips are- look at it for a few days and work out the best way to get it apart. Have a look at what's retaining the glass in. Ideally the glass and vac form can come straight out... that's what you want. The main thing to be wary of is if the vac form is siliconed or stuck with any strong adhesive to the back of the glass print. If it is and you separate it you can destroy the print (I learned the hard way!) Sometimes you can disconnect the wiring loom to the door glasses and take the whole door off and take it apart. Alternately release the glass and vac for in a oner and get them to safety! Don't be afraid to disconnect and take the whole door off to repair it on your bench. Hope that helps mate
  10. MattyL

    Fruit machines more of a man thing ?

    The motor works but just needs a reset 🤣
  11. MattyL

    C435a coin entry bezel

    Sound! That's the one... can I pur-chase that... Or are you after any spares mate?
  12. MattyL

    Fruit machines more of a man thing ?

    Was working last time it switched on
  13. MattyL

    Fruit machines more of a man thing ?

    Or doesn't work but it's a simple fix. (Fix it then lol)
  14. MattyL

    Impact Las vegas

    Hey it's fine fellas-I'm interested to for future projects as it does look awesome Joe! We're they totally mint before chroming or did they need work? I'm asking cause I was under the impression the coating was even- so would coat knocks and dents rather than fill them up? My pic of mine in the booth ready for primer you can see how bad they were. You must have loved that fruity eh Joe? 😉😂