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  1. MattyL

    JPM Impact Power Supply

    You can't buy then no... it's hardwear with a jpm program running on it... it's what happens they lose the program. It's worth keeping the boards though. Alternatively if those chips work you'll come across a board where they have failed at some point. Keep the boards I'll hopefully know more in the future. There's no data on fixing the boards around sadly
  2. MattyL

    JPM Impact Power Supply

    Thats a shame mate! Does the processor card work in another machine? Any symptoms at all? Try swapping the sound card... a faulty one stops an impact booting too. Regarding the main board I've found two with the FPGA chips (large square ones are faulty) that's all so far... 1 had other faults so potentially it's been fried. There's A lot going on... lots of transtor arrays, custom chips working with the processor... reset circuit to suss out. I'm hoping to get a whole board on sockets soon so maybe I'm a year I'll know more.
  3. MattyL

    Anyone near Yamouth?

    Nice! Looks tidy
  4. MattyL

    Anyone near Yamouth?

    Thats proper sound! What are you getting Darren?
  5. MattyL

    Epoch engineers!

    I've updated the list though thanks Darren- hopefully we can get more information in.
  6. MattyL

    Epoch engineers!

    What it is if a manufacturer wants security he can design his game program to only work with his own boot chip version. So technically aren't interchangeable between manufacters, some may half work. Others for clones might be common between a few machines. If your replacing an mpu, you should always transfer over the boot chip with the Roms. Epoch is regarded hard to fix but it's my view that things like this get totally overlooked and people get frustrated. Sometimes it could be as simple as didn't change the boot chip over and the machine will never work. That's why I'm thinking a list may help...particularly for the more exotic manufacturers that used Epoch like Gemini... or just the odd bastard games. (Bit like how we needed the s61.5 pal for your Indy Roms 🙂)
  7. MattyL

    Epoch engineers!

    Hi, I'm trying to get a boot chip (U10) list together corresponding to chip version to manufacturer... I think it would be handy information for anyone that likes Epoch based machines. V0 *may not exist* V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 Impulse boot chip (early cab) V5c Maygay V6 Maygay boot chip (+some global) V7 V8 Global boot chip V9 V10 It would be great if everyone could check their machines and help get a community list going.
  8. MattyL

    Hopper issue

    Ahhh ok mpu5 is not my area p.s didn't see your above post Darren.
  9. MattyL

    Hopper issue

    What tech is it Epoch? Are you switching motherboards or doing anything like that? Can you boot it in open door mode and perform a hopper dump?
  10. MattyL

    Dond pusher token to cash payout

    Rich have you lost your hammer lol?
  11. MattyL

    JPM Impact Power Supply

    Hi, I see it now... it does look like a Mod does the track go anywhere on the back of the board or is it unused? Seems like there's a wide range of uses for it. Here's the pinout
  12. MattyL

    JPM Impact Power Supply

    Hello mate, which pin is missing I can't see one there? I've always had a stash of spare impact Psu's so I've not needed to repair one yet. I do have one that's broken so I'll crack it open and have a look at the weekend.
  13. MattyL


    That dead board in the picture is the one that became the Red ones Darren 🙂
  14. MattyL


    The batteries leak on the jpm processor card and cause damage like this...it ruins all the copper. what we do is desolder them and reattach a new one on long wires away from the boards. A new one should be ok for 3 plus years. The battery is there so it keeps it's memory when it's switched off (how many coins in etc). If you do that that machine will stay alive for years.
  15. MattyL

    Epoch engineers!

    Tried it out- And boots up an runs fine 😎 Just the battery connector left to do.