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  1. MattyL

    Rollercoaster Club

    Insulting me by job title and because I like repairing broken fruit machines... ha ha ha ha ha Thanks for letting me know you can block knob jockeys on here!
  2. MattyL

    Rollercoaster Club

    My approval haha wtf are you talking about mate? You are the one casting disapproval on everyone's posts?? I couldn't care what village you are from or your list of credentials and self worth. The only thing that comes across on my screen from you is objection, disapproval, negativity. Why not try and be more constructive again to your hobby instead of just posting shite at people who are learning or constantly pissing on everyone's enthusiasm? Surely even you was a novice once? I really don't think you should be calling someone a 'little prick' on my project... that's not what we're all here for so do us all a favour and take your shit else where...
  3. MattyL

    Rollercoaster Club

    Tbh I do think your a small minded and highly objective person too mate. I never see any friendliness or really advice in your posts. You wanted ridicule some of these fella's right from the get go... for what opening up a tube slightly!?!? All I see is objecting, objectivity and objection. I'm a high end tradesman- I work with hand tools daily...my work has been featured on Grand designs Tv show and if I'm honest sand paper round a rounded bit of wood will work fine... a rat tail file will work fine... lubrication why!? It's not metal?? It's opening up a plastic tube fractionally. It's not hard. It's a 20 minute job lol. Sure I agree token tubes would be lovely but I doubt I will get any as everyone will want to use them. If you are such an expert why don't you tell everyone reading how you would approach the job??? I and I'm sure others would love to have your expert opinion? It better be a good one :)
  4. MattyL

    Rollercoaster Club

    Does anyone have two spare!?
  5. MattyL

    Rollercoaster Club

    I will give it a try and see I thought I'd heard something about them being too tight. I wouldn't use a spade bit though. I've got a 24inch rat tail that should do it.
  6. MattyL

    Rollercoaster Club

    It was the processor card had battery damage. It's original but fitted with the old blue battery of god. It does look like it has only just stopped working to be fair. Should be an easy repair and another one to add to the collection! The machine I've had working ok. Original board and eproms. If you do get one I have some spare decals mate. I've no idea regaurding the £1 tubes. I've heard you do have to do something to the tubes on these so just enquiring. I've never had a machine without a hopper before (amateur lol) so looking to understand the pay unit. It works ok testing on old £1.
  7. MattyL

    Rollercoaster Club

    Yeah this was a few weeks ago. Only briefly on there 😉
  8. MattyL

    Rollercoaster Club

    Yeah thanks... I've found getting hold of one very difficult. It was a case of not being able to hit the buy it now button fast enough! It uses all the same sfx samples as the classic Awp- this one has a cashpot (x4 target ducks) it seems to take £800 just to fill the cashpot and reserve display on Jpm's. As with all clubbers i should imagine it will be a long haul to get it playing. I can't remember ever getting to the top haha. I remember it being a really fun machine to play... and just have good memories standing around it with my friends trying to win money for cigarettes and beers. Thanks on the mech recommendation... that's just the £1 tubes to find out about and maybe a manual if anyone has one stashed away?
  9. MattyL

    Rollercoaster Club

    After a monster 6hour van trip I've finally managed to get my hands on my no1 dream machine. This is the first time I've been reunited with one in 20 years... I'm really chuffed with it! The artwork and reel bands are great condition although the plastic fascia is fairly scratched up. I'll do something with it later on.... potentialy laquer. This is my first vogue cab machine so can anyone advise me on updating the ME126 and the £1 tubes... I've not came across either of these before. Thank you!!!
  10. MattyL

    Wanted andy capp barcrest original machine

    Never knock enthusiasm Have a look on Facebook market place there's one on there
  11. MattyL

    Mazooma Hyper Games

    Haha still better than Noel Edmunds
  12. MattyL

    Mazooma Hyper Games

    Cool! Looks like the Konami logo at the top and its kind of based on the Track and field classic Arcade game. That's interesting as a fair few Jpms use the sega logo about this time. Only one I remember like this was Trick shot. I'm not a fan of video on fruit machines. The theme is cool though
  13. MattyL

    Impact motherboard 6.1?

    Whatever you do don't go into the test menu with both doors open lol... just toggling through is enough to do it you don't even have to select it the meter test. I'll try and investigate it.
  14. MattyL

    Impact motherboard 6.1?

    Ah that's interesting it's always recorded the electric books ok. The thing is a different Cpu card it works fine until you run the test again it's a strange one. It doesnt automatically alarm on its own. I wish I hadn't found the test lol. I'll see if it does it with the new board too then it might just be the loom/meter. Come to think of it I've never heard it ticking ever. Is any of this common on impact?
  15. MattyL

    Impact motherboard 6.1?

    I managed to find a meter test in the test menu...with both doors open. A fail of meter 1 was instantly recorded. I reset the machine and this cpu card is now locked out with a 6.1 meter error. Tried my other Cpu cards I'm testing and these all work perfectly but if you go to the meter test they get locked out too with the 6.1. I didn't want to Ram clear them as I have a grand registered on two of these Cpu cards but can't seem to clear the error? A motherboard change and all the cards boot up again with no error... is this a common problem? Its likely its the board, it acts and works great until you go into the meter test... which is a shame as it's been my main board for ages. I will test it out with this new board which will narrow it down. Just seeking advice first though if anyone has experience with this problem...?