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  1. Line Up Chris

    Best of an Era (Community Driven)

    Great thread Darren.... Outside of the above post though I did enjoy the 20p/£4.80 era of low tech games like 777 Heaven Hit the Six Sevens and Mellons Cloud 999 Nickelodean Blue Moon Mega bucks Jackpot 7s Reflex Sunset Boulevard Nudge Nudge Wink Wink Wheel of Fortune Double Up Crazy Pays You know...all the Project coin and mpu4s that had the streak features. Tbh,I like quite a few machines as my era would preferably be 1977-1995 inclusive. After that I stopped playing really as chasing £15 jackpots proved challenging most of the time. I think my own collection pretty much says it all really.
  2. Line Up Chris

    Best of an Era (Community Driven)

    Ha,ha You saved me typing it all Nick
  3. Line Up Chris

    Tales from Midi Bob's workshop. MPS1 PSU's.

    Nice work Bob. Ha ha,Bob getting a belt? That's shocking! Putting my coat on now!
  4. Line Up Chris

    Rock On Video as promised :)

    Probably..... But I am pleased that someone on here has one rather than some stranger that would never share,even a video to keep us all entertained. At least we have people who share on here. Makes this place look boss.
  5. Line Up Chris

    Rock On Video as promised :)

    Thanks so much for this Rob. I can remember playing this myself at Cardiff Central station buffet room in 1981 whilst watching the class 37s go by. Absolutely loved this machine. If the Rock On feature was only low wins I used to mess it up on purpose for a 50/50 chance of a repeat feature. Always stopping the higher value symbols above the winline in case they dropped in nearer on the next spin, which worked more often than not. Fantastic video of a fantastic machine mate. So happy you got this sorted with the help from members on here too means big tick in the book all round.
  6. Line Up Chris

    M1 machine faults

    Yes,I put a new fuse in and it blew again. Ran out of 1amps now so bought a couple of packs from ebay earlier. I'll get these boards boxed up before the weekend. Do you know what F4 fuse is used for Mick?
  7. Line Up Chris

    M1 machine faults

    Tried my 4th board and still no boot up. Have gone through all my psu's and some hum when they switch on. Have noticed all my -12v fuses have blown. The one in fuse holder 4. Put a new fuse in and it popped again. Not sure why. No sign of life. Does anyone know what fuse holder 4 is for on the psu? Cheers
  8. Line Up Chris

    M1 machine faults

    I could at the risk of another one failing. 2 out my 4 boards did light up before today but not the +12 v light
  9. Line Up Chris

    M1 machine faults

    If I'm lead to understand that no M1 machine will boot if there is no life in the m1 board as that switches on the psu. Hence the psu wont work either? I have tried again 3 out of my 4 m1a/m1b boards. None light up when I switch on. There is a light humming sound from the 1 psu I have tried today. But the light on the on off button on the psu dont light up either,but all fuses are ok. Will try my last board later. If that's the same,I'll just have to post all these off to get looked at. Thanks for all your input so far.
  10. Line Up Chris

    Red Eastenders (BWB+Maygay) question

    She's a beauty. I so want it back up n running.
  11. Line Up Chris

    Red Eastenders (BWB+Maygay) question

    Just completely died a death whilst I was playing it. Swapped board but still no boot up. So swapped psu and still no boot up until I learnt I needed to put dil switch 8 up because I was swapping an m1b for an m1a. It booted up then. Next day,I took the psu out of my Donkey kong to eliminate fault findings there. That still wouldn't boot,so I put my psu back in Eastenders and now it makes a loud noise and lights stuck on. Been a nightmare. Hopefully get my boards sent off for testing this week thanks to a kind member on here who has offered help. Just need someone to look at my psu's. I have 3 other m1 machines,but dont want to risk those for breaking down tbh.
  12. Line Up Chris

    M1 machine faults

    To Magik. We're all with you Peter. Get well soon mate.
  13. Line Up Chris

    M1 machine faults

    Magik is not very well. He did message me about this. Not sure if I know who Dave Trow is tbh. Is he good with psu's? I always thought psu's were indestructible tbh. If anyone can break them,it'll probably be me lol
  14. Line Up Chris

    Red Eastenders (BWB+Maygay) question

    I'm pretty sure it doesn't mention BWB on my one. Wish I could get mine working again.
  15. Line Up Chris

    M1 machine faults

    Here is my prom card and dongle.