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  1. Line Up Chris

    Nudges unlimited

    No need Rich. Sometimes I type the first thing to come into my head and later realise... bollox!
  2. Line Up Chris

    Nudges unlimited

    I think you find it doesnt alarm for this. It just makes a humming sound and no lights will flash. Come to think of it,I dont think it's a reel alarm now,as NU reels dont spin on initialising. The reel alarm come on after the end of the first credit. Sounds to me a stuck rocker switch in your coin mech.
  3. Line Up Chris

    Nudges unlimited

    Does any of the hold buttons light up when it alarms? If so,then it would be a reel alarm. If that is the case,re-seat the red and the green leads at both ends from the mpu3 board to the reel driver board. Re-set all the small green ones too. If it was a coin mech alarm,as you said it had a 10p jammed inside,just unclip the mech and make sure the rocker switch ain't stuck. If it clicks it's ok,but I suspect it is stuck down and jammed. Let us know how you get on.
  4. Line Up Chris

    My YouTube channel. chris217

    Some SRU goodness for you. Expect some jackpot tunes lol
  5. Line Up Chris

    chances unlimited

    I wanna play on his Rock On lol.
  6. Line Up Chris

    chances unlimited

    Hi Rob I have a load of mixed tokens for when you come up mate.
  7. Line Up Chris

    PCP Variety Club

    G could have atleast been Gary lol
  8. Line Up Chris

    PCP Variety Club

    Yep! There was a blank button I do recall Ron. It doesn't have the squeaky reel drop sounds either. I think it has PCP sounds on the features and repeat chance tho.
  9. Line Up Chris

    PCP Variety Club

    Worth getting it going Steve Just to get the 'youtube video first' in mate. It's actually a decent machine. No giant games of nothing for ages like. on most clubbers. Well,the 10p version was pretty good IMHO.
  10. Line Up Chris

    PCP Variety Club

    Ha,you paid £2.52 more than I paid for my one 10yrs ago lol.
  11. Line Up Chris

    PCP Variety Club

    Well done for getting this. The 10p/£100 version was quite a good machine to play. I used to have one. (as stated in interesting auction thread) What stake and prize is it on Steve? Would love to see a video of this one when you get it mate.
  12. We used varnish to seal the print on the glass. Some companies used laminate as well. But that can melt with excessive heat from the lamps turning the laminate brown. Not sure about the rubber surrounds you mention tbh If it's for refitting glasses you could use foam I suppose as a substitute. I only printed glasses on silk screen printers so never fitted them into machines.
  13. Ha ha,Riche100 being hilarious again lol. He was telling me about a Juggler. The 5p play version of Rock On. Then he dropped the punchline when I asked where I could find it.... at the circus! Someone find me a new pair of pants!
  14. Line Up Chris

    how do i set it to 10p play donkey kong

    Depends what machine it is?
  15. Line Up Chris

    MPU4 Ejects coin when switching on

    My Nifty 50 did this the other day. It hadn't been switched on for a few weeks tho. I find once it's been on a while it stops doing the one coin payout on boot up. My mpu4 doesn't have a battery in it either.