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  1. Line Up Chris

    Glass reproduction and reprint

    Each colour including the silver mirror was printed through stencils that were applied onto the silk screens and every different colour was done one colour at a time and allowed to dry first before the next colour was added. We used automatic and manual silk screen printing machines. The automatics,you fed the glass in one side and the glass would come out printed on the other. All we had to do was to check for registration I.e,everything fitted into the right places on the glass and machine. The manual printers,we would lift a silk screen,place the glass underneath,and used a squeegee to print across the glass over the silk screen. Did this job as an apprentice 1980-83 in Cardiff. Did tons of JPM stuff.
  2. Line Up Chris

    Glass reproduction and reprint

    Yes,as Andrew says Glasses were done in bulk orders. I printed thousands of fruit machine glasses and the reel bands too. It was all done on silk screen printers. First you'd have a clear glass mirrored and the silver parts on the glass were printed ,and the rest washed off. Then it was black print Then course in turn Finally while backing. Any backlit symbols or hidden words were printed in Grey or black at the end.
  3. Line Up Chris

    My Gamesroom

    Some people over exaggerate prices on eBay mate. I try not to go there tbh. Yes,I have spent quite a bit on some of mine. And yes,I have done a bit of work and had a lot of help with keeping them going too. I always fancied a collection of machines that I used to enjoy playing,and I also enjoy sharing via YouTube and to those who know me personally and care to visit who can play for FREE by arrangement. Quite a few do the same for me,and that is what this is all about. One happy community of old fruity fanatics he he he😆😆😆
  4. Line Up Chris

    Anyone know this fruity?

    I do prefer 80s machines. And only interested in buying 80s stuff now. Although I also have some 90s games too. 2 Maygay m1a's,4 scorp2s and 4 mpu4s. My era is 1980-1994.
  5. Line Up Chris

    Anyone know this fruity?

    I have a Coronation street Rovers Return. It's on 20p/£10. The missus loves it and so do I.
  6. Line Up Chris

    Impact Las vegas

    Oh yeh,that's it. ACE of Clubs lol.
  7. Line Up Chris

    Hi Newbie Here

    Wow! That's 3 Olympic Gold's in existence I know of. Thanks for tuning into my channel btw👍 Do you have a YouTube channel too?
  8. Line Up Chris

    Impact Las vegas

    I used to have a very similar machine called King of Clubs. Always got jackpot off nudges when it slow spun in for the 4 diamonds. Can be brutal in hi-lo gambles tho.
  9. Line Up Chris

    Caster wheels on a machine

    All mine have castors on. No problems so far. A lot easier to move about,especially if you need to go in the back to sort faults or change bulbs. A lot of my machines had hollow bases so had them banked up with timber so I could secure the wheels on. Some of my lot may look pretty at the front but some were shocking underneath. Putting castors on also gave me the opportunity to strengthen some of those bases. Dragging them along the floor does the base no good. One reason I decided castors was a must. As long As you use the same sizes for all machines. Mine were 50mm. 100 for £53 on eBay.
  10. Line Up Chris

    Hi Newbie Here

    Welcome to the forum mate. Do you still own Olympic Gold? I love Olympic Gold and Big Breakfast. Both great machines that I have in my collection too. Plenty of videos of them on my YouTube channel. But I am more seriously into 80s machines myself even though I have around 10 90s games.
  11. Line Up Chris

    My Gamesroom

    Luxor,Road Hog and Adders were from the early 90s I think rather than 80s. Hoping to bag a BWB Adders and Ladders. The one in a cloud 999 cabinet. Used to have an Andy Capp and an Andy's Great Escape. Both on 5p/£6 so a bit flat on play.
  12. Hi Chris. how do i set the jackpot for Olympic gold ? its a 10 pound 25p play but its currently set to 8 pounds 20p play...

  13. Line Up Chris

    Who is ron ?

    One day soon,i hope to go and meet the legend. Top Bloke. Hoping one day he can manage a visit here too. Then he can play my lot until his fingers go sore lol😆😆😆
  14. Line Up Chris

    My Gamesroom

    Not my machine But a video that was sent to me. Thanks to Nudgeshuffle for the upload onto my YouTube channel.
  15. Line Up Chris

    My Gamesroom

    Part 2 video