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  1. Line Up Chris

    Looking for some maygay epoch help please

    Maygay... Some great games But terrible tech if I'm honest. The m1's problematic at best. I mean...What other tech needs a working board to start up the PSU? Never had much luck with epoch either.
  2. Line Up Chris

    Can you identify this?

    Looks a fun machine but I don't ever recall this one. On the other hand,Cash or Nudge I remember very well. We had one in the buffet bar at Cardiff Central. I remember it repeating on the 3+3+4 after it spun in. It just went up again and again straight after even with no numbers on the win line. Wasn't sure if it was a program gliche. Played half a jackpot tune if you collected a quid. I notice on Moon Bug the win line is underneath the centre of the reel windows so was this a Nudge down only machine?
  3. Line Up Chris

    1996 cops and robbers deluxe

    Scorp2s don't reset when you open the back door,only when you close it. It will play in door open mode but not reset whilst it's open. That's what it does on all my ones anyway!
  4. Line Up Chris

    1996 cops and robbers deluxe

    Or just remove battery and leave switched off for a few hours. Switch it back on and it should clear credits/wins. Then fly wire the battery back on. The test switch won't work whilst there are credits or wins showing in bank. Worth checking the collect button too in case a wire has become detached.
  5. Line Up Chris

    My YouTube channel. chris217

    Also JPM Fruit Snappa and Barcrest Action Bank mpu4 Thanks massive to Simon who is always the perfect host and for allowing me to film and upload onto YouTube. Cheers mate.👍👍👍
  6. Line Up Chris

    My YouTube channel. chris217

    Next we have JPM Bouncer and a red glass JPM Eachway Shuffle
  7. Line Up Chris

    My YouTube channel. chris217

    Hi everyone. Have done a few more videos of late recently Including last night when I visited my good friend Nudgeshuffle. Thanks for a top evening mate. Here is some of the vids for you all. Reel 2 Reel mpu4 JPM Plus Nudge system 80
  8. Line Up Chris

    Aplha displaying @'s

    The Barcrest version was great.
  9. Line Up Chris

    BFM Cops N Robbers

    They do look good together tbh. Mine both work but have minor faults. I have some lamps stuck on on my CnR and My volume won't adjust on my RtT.
  10. Line Up Chris

    BFM Cops N Robbers

    Yes mine does that too mate. I'm pretty sure there is a sticker of. Bonzo on the side of mine as well. Will have to take a look later. I want to shift my one tbh and my Round the Town as I don't play them as much these days. Just thinking about it tho atm.
  11. Line Up Chris

    BFM Cops N Robbers

    My one has a blue flashing light too. And the cops n Robbers sticker on the side. It lights up exactly as matrix described.
  12. Line Up Chris

    Nudge Double Up Deluxe

    Nice work Stef. Certainly looks the bizz👍 Ha I nearly always get a thumbs down on most of my videos. Probably some sad lonely jealous bastard with no sense of goal in life except to be dismissive of everything he sees. Doesn't bother me the slightest tbh. People like that will always be faceless morons without any valid reasons in explaining their actions. Thats why they never comment. On the plus side tho... At least it pushes your viewing figure totals up😆😆😆 Good work mate.👍👍👍
  13. Line Up Chris

    Wanted: Scorpion 2 Power Wire Loom

    As Andrew says,yes this is a common problem Especially on scorp2s and M1s. More likely poor contact which scorched the inside of the plug. Happens on most machines tbh. If any wires work loose with heat and age. This would cause a poor connection. In m1a boards,some wires appear to be thinner than others in the same loom,and these are the ones that usually overheat causing the bad connection. Have had to make up new looms before now. Very time consuming!
  14. Line Up Chris

    Anyone seen a Cash force before?

    Very nice Pete. Loved the early scorp1s but I do enjoy scorp2s as well. There are some great games on scorp2 Nick. Dels Millions,Big Breakfast,Olympic Gold,Road to Wembley. But I know you ain't a fan of sampled sounds lol. But they are superior compared to what on offer these days.
  15. Line Up Chris

    A quick MPU2 Question

    Both red and green cables are exactly the same and fit into each other's ports.So if you have a spare or another mpu2 or mpu3 machine to borrow it from I'd try that as well. Just as long as you swap each ends for each lead it would still work. It may change things through process of elimination. These leads are 35+yrs old and can make poor contacts,especially iff they have been unplugged a few times. A good rub over those plug connectors with a wire toothbrush would clean them up as a start. Moving the reel sensors would also move the fault but replacing the reel deck for another would eliminate a board fault. That's how I found out on my Lucky Line fault. The unfortunate thing about mpu2s is it doesn't light up a hold button for a corresponding reel alarm. Something that improved when the mpu3s came out. Good luck with this,as I'd love to see this baby in action. Regards Chris.