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  1. Line Up Chris

    New member introducing

    Welcome aboard Ben. Some great games about from the 1990s. I have a handful myself amongst all my 1980s beasts. Hope you enjoy the forum.
  2. Line Up Chris

    Nudge Double Up Deluxe

    Your NDU ROMS will be 5p/£1 unswitchable. The DT ROMS will be 5p/£2 or 10p/£2 switchable via the links I believe. Need to get mine done if I knew how! There is a slight difference in the jackpot tune between NDUD & DT.
  3. Line Up Chris

    BarcrestPlayers YouTube Channel

    Nice vids Darren Will be calling you JPM Players before long lol.
  4. Line Up Chris

    SRU Roms whats the difference ?

    Would be good to find those elusive link wires Nick Then join them up to make it a 10p play.
  5. Line Up Chris

    Castle - 15 mins of fame, unforgotten.

    Here is a short vid of the one I played at Reelfruits Bognor Regis today
  6. Line Up Chris

    Castle - 15 mins of fame, unforgotten.

    Thanks TTX Any good tips on how to play Revolution Just so I don't play it wrongly for the video. I know there is a high low gamble on cards. Are any of the marked so I know which direction to take lol. Cheers Chris217
  7. Line Up Chris

    Castle - 15 mins of fame, unforgotten.

    I'm hoping to play on a Castle Revolution on Saturday. Mr P's has one at his Bognor arcade. If so,I'll try and do a video. How old is this machine?
  8. Thought I mis'read that.... Hehehe not my ring chris...sorry! Putting my coat on now.
  9. Pmsl. What about curtain rails Rich😆😆😆
  10. Welcome to the forum. Do we have another fellow rail enthusiast here lol.
  11. Line Up Chris

    50p payouts

    Sounds like a nightmare scenario! I don't 'arf pick em! I wouldn't have thought any ROM set began with a zero? Is there a difference if the CHR is on a GAL chip? Will it mean other ROM sets may not work with the said GAL chip? Sorry but my knowledge in that field is zero lol. Thanks for trying for me though👍👍👍
  12. Line Up Chris

    My YouTube channel. chris217

    A few weeks ago I converted my CTL EWS back to an original red glass machine. Thanks to Nick who had gifted me the glasses btw.. Last night I finished off the project by adding the JPM reel bands. Luckily the old CTL ones came off pretty easy. So here is the finished product for your viewing pleasure. Thanks all round to Nick,Simon Lee and Alan who have helped me along the way with this👍👍👍
  13. Line Up Chris

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    Ha you beat me to it Superbank. I need to get up earlier hehehe. Another great write up Frank Working at Visual Art printing JPM glasses etc I was on £30 a week but were rewarded bonuses for overtime and staying late to get orders completed early. Great days I must say. Looking forward to your next chapter mate. Great topic👍👍👍
  14. Line Up Chris

    SRU Roms whats the difference ?

    My NDUD is the same Stef. Cannot get it to go on 10p play. There is usually a link wire near the lock to the front door inside. Mine doesn't have this! I have put 10p play Double Top Roms in this but it still plays the 5p game. There is a slight difference in the jackpot tune on DT to the original ones in NDUD. The only thing I can think is the link must be within the loom somewhere which have been left unconnected.Hence it will always be 5p play until they are joined together. You defo need Double Top roms to make it £2 Jackpot though.
  15. Line Up Chris

    50p payouts

    PM sent mate Thanks massive sir fruit58👍👍👍