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  1. Line Up Chris

    Reel Lampshade

    I know this topic is a few years old But I'd thought I'd share my one with you.
  2. Line Up Chris

    My Gamesroom

    Not overly clever enough to service my lot tbh. I can do certain small jobs and know what to check for if something happens. What I know is only self taught tbh. Ha,I've broke enough machines in the past to learn otherwise! One thing I have learnt is... With only a little knowledge it pays to stick to the same tech and to be on here to search for any unanswered questions. My lot ain't on constant,or for any long periods. Maybe 2 or 3 if me n the missus are playing them, so I hope they don't break down! Also, there are a couple on here who regularly visit and help if I'm ever stuck. Great community.
  3. Line Up Chris

    My YouTube channel. chris217

    And Cash Counter mpu4 Thanks for tuning in chaps.
  4. Line Up Chris

    My YouTube channel. chris217

    One of my latest additions
  5. Line Up Chris

    My Gamesroom

    Also,just to add My collection is now 1980-95 (excluding my 2 electo's( as I have moved on all my newer games like my mpu5s etc.
  6. Line Up Chris

    My Gamesroom

    Yeah,she has done the full circle I think. It's a great machine and I must brush up on my skill stops. Will do a proper vid of all 3 this week. Thanks for the thumbs up👍
  7. Line Up Chris

    My Gamesroom

    With all the recent departures and arrivals,I thought it warranted an updated fleet list. BWB Superwin mpu3 5p/£2 VFS Wheel of Fortune mpu3 10p/£3 ACE Poundaround sys1 10p/£4 Bell Fruit Golden Shot black box 10p/£3 Bell Fruit Nudge Gambler Electro 10p/£2 JPM Eachway Nudger mk1 version 2 SRU 10p/£2 JPM Nudge Double Up Deluxe mk1 SRU 5p/£2 JPM Two Step SRU 5p/£2 CTL Eachway Shuffle SRU 10p/£2 Barcrest Super Line Up mpu3 10p/£3 Barcrest Chances Unlimited mpu3 10p/£3 Barcrest Adders and Ladders mpu3 10p/£3 Barcrest Viva Las Vegas Six mpu4 20p/£6 Associated Leisure Exchanges Galore mpu3 5p/£1.50 Barcrest Snappy Viper mpu3 10p/£3 JPM Reel Crazy mps1 10p/£3 Bell Fruit Ten Up Electro 5p/£1 Maygay Simpsons m1a 10p/£6 Bell Fruit Only Fools and Horses scorp1 10p/£6. Bell Fruit Cops n Robbers scorp2 20p/£8 PCP Jumping Jack Cash mpu4 5p/£2.40 Barcrest Cloud 999 mpu4 20p/£4.80 Coral Haze.Free Bee mpu4 20p/£6 Barcrest Nickelodean mpu4 20p/£4.80 Bell Fruit Round the Town scorp2 20p/£8 Bell Fruit Showtime Spectacular scorp2 20p/£8 Bell Fruit Olympic Gold scorp2 20p/£10 Bell Fruit Big Breakfast scorp2 20p/£10 Barcrest Nifty Fifty mpu4 10p/£4 Barcrest Cash Counter mpu4 10p/£4 Barcrest Instant Replay mpu3 10p/£2 (away on loan atm) And in its place for the time being Bell Fruit Firecracker black box 10p/£2 Also Frooty Looty a 2p coin pusher. Ha, the house is very full atm But always room for one more 😆😆😆😆😆😆 How many was that I lost count!
  8. Line Up Chris

    My Gamesroom

    Hi gang Just thought i'd post a video introducing my latest arrivals here. Hope you all enjoy watching. Cheers.
  9. Line Up Chris

    Mpu3 winspin

    First time I have seen one of these. Looks like an ex Line Up or Exchanges Unlimited cabinet. Nice colourful artwork. Wonder if 10p play versions were ever made. Thanks for the videos👍
  10. Line Up Chris

    Blue Moon mpu4

    It has gone. Always a thousand miles away! Jonno,can you ring me mate, Your number is coming up invalid on my phone! Cheers mate.
  11. Line Up Chris

    Maygay m1a dip switches

    Have you tried your mech in another machine? Check all the wires going into the mech are connected. Some coin mech looms are actually smaller than some of the plugs they fit onto on the mech. What mech are you using?
  12. Line Up Chris

    barcrest mpu3 instant replay 1982

    It's coming along very nicely there Nick. Instant Replay is a cracking machine as well. Can't wait for the video tbh. Maybe you can do both Replays side by side Which would make for rare viewing these days as there can't be many of these around as most were converted to lesser games unfortunately. Ha,better watch what I say as I am in line for an ex Instant Replay shortly which is also a good game too!😆😆😆 Keep up the good work mate. On another note (But related to this topic) Those tiny reels in Hyper Pots,reminds me of a 6 reel VFS machine I used to play. Wish I could remember what it was called. Would be nice to find a VFS machine list with pictures. Thanks Nick👍👍👍
  13. Line Up Chris

    My Gamesroom

    Lol😁 I do put them on 94-96% This shows the machines capabilities. And usually gives a far superior game play. Doesn't mean I win tho!
  14. Line Up Chris

    Maygay m1a coin mech

    Mine has MARS mechs in
  15. Line Up Chris

    Coronation street original wanted

    That's hilarious 😆😆😆😆😆