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  1. Limestonecowboy

    MPU4 mod 4 BWB/Barcrest “Red Hot Fever� issues

    Hi. Yes I’ll upload some pics of the board later. ðŸ‘
  2. Limestonecowboy

    MPU4 mod 4 BWB/Barcrest “Red Hot Fever� issues

    Correct yes. It boots and is ready for a coin. Insert coin, which registers as a credit on display, allows you to toggle the select game option, then you hit start to play and it alarms. I’ve just got it in to test mode by shorting the switch as I don’t have a key. I can toggle between the settings, do a hopper dump, and scroll through all tests for lamps, leds etc. When I intitialise the final self test it just faults again. 🙄 And yes once it faults the error is fatal so no further tests can be done and the machine has to be rebooted. 😔
  3. Limestonecowboy

    MPU4 mod 4 BWB/Barcrest “Red Hot Fever� issues

    Wow ! Cheers folks. Thanks for all the pointers, advice, comments and offers.â˜ºï¸ I had a few bits to do yesterday but today before doing anything else I’m going to pull the board and check it again for damaged tracks that I’ve missed. Then go from there. ðŸ‘
  4. Limestonecowboy

    MPU4 mod 4 BWB/Barcrest “Red Hot Fever� issues

    Hi and thanks. I have already donated to the site and had a look through the downloads. I cannot find anything anywhere (here or elsewhere on the net) related to my specific machine, so know very little about it. I will keep trawling through the post. Thank again for the reply’s.
  5. Limestonecowboy

    Good afternoon all !!

    Hi. New here and also furnishing my man cave. ðŸ‘
  6. Hello good peoples. So totally new to this and just purchased my first machine as a non worker. It is a Red Hot Fever, MPU4 mod 4 machine. It was totally dead. I started with the MPU-L power supply which was original judging by the test lable. There were dry joints all over and I also replaced the 3 caps which were all bulging. Plugged her in...still dead ! So read up on the forum and stripped out the MPU 4. As predicted the battery had leaked and there were damaged tracks. After cleaning the board I tracked, traced and bridged the broken tracks. Hey presto ! She’s alive ! The machine now does what I would call a power up self test. The reels spin and after maybe 10 seconds goes into attract mode with all the flashing lights etc and is ready to accept a coin. There is no alphanumerical display on this machine so codes etc are displayed on the front LED units. As it powers up the code E4.1 is shown briefly. Once ready and a coin is inserted (10 or 20p) which is registered, the select game button lights up and once pressed the start and auto start buttons light up to commence play. As soon as one of these is pressed the machine alarm goes off and the code E9.1 is displayed. I have had a look at the manual and there is a switch settings sticker on the door but I have no alarm codes info. I’m a bit stuck now as which way to proceed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Limestonecowboy


    Hello. I’m Richard and just bought my first machine as a project. I was diagnosed with bowel cancer last year at only 47 and thats now hopefully sorted after a major op but fancied something to do whilst recovering from my chemotherapy. Always love taking the kids to the arcades and wanted something sort of retro looking for my man cave. Bought an oldish machine, “Red Hot Fever†think its made by BWB/Barcrest? And bought it as a non worker ( totally dead ) for £20. Making good progress with it but need a little help and advice. I have made a donation to the forum and will give back whatever help I can. I will start a new post in the help section. Just wanted to say hello. ðŸ‘