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  1. I have about £28 of old 50p’s and probably about £30 of old 10p’s if that’s any good to you. Darren
  2. Dazza

    Jackpot 7’s Decals

    Hi all, Has anyone got a set of Project coin Jackpot 7’s £4-80 Decals as pictured or can anyone make them up? Thanks all Darren
  3. Dazza

    JPM System 80 repair advice

    I used unicorn electronics inc for the two I got, both been checked by Bob and are good took about 10 days from order.
  4. Dazza

    Can you identify this?

    It’s been sitting in my unit for months I got it for £20 with another machine, just unfortunate it’s going Saturday. If I get anything else like it I’ll make sure I let you guys know.
  5. Dazza

    Can you identify this?

    Yeah it does
  6. Dazza

    Can you identify this?

    It’s down my unit I was playing it today for a bit it’s not a bad machine got good sounds
  7. Dazza

    Can you identify this?

    This is going to JPM Stu Saturday morning , you’ll have to speak to him mate I don’t have the equipment to do it.
  8. Dazza

    JPM System 80 repair advice

    Hope they work, I ordered two CPU’s from the states a couple of weeks ago and luckily they are good. Keep me posted on fruit swop’s progress it was my favourite machine as a kid
  9. Dazza

    Can you identify this?

    It’s a maygay triple M I have one Moon Bug Sorry about wonky pic it’s the only one I have
  10. Dazza

    JPM System 80 repair advice

    Did you get fruit swop going?
  11. Dazza


    Dropped it back to my mate now but me and my business partner did TEST it for most of the afternoon at the office lol
  12. Dazza


    Happy days Had the reels out checked all the connections and everything put it back together now working sweet as. Thanks for the help. Darren
  13. Dazza


    Thanks mate Ive just have to do some actual work whilst I’m at my unit but will have a good look at later, I’ll let you know what happens. Cheers
  14. Dazza


    Yeah checked the 3 fuses all ok
  15. Dazza


    I also tried a different micro switch same result