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  1. Dazza

    Devon and Melons

    Devon and Melons lol, I thought I’d played them all
  2. Dazza

    Today in isolation

    Just put some picks in MFME development. The machine is in my garage and has no natural light so the glass pics aren’t great let me know if you want you think if not I’ll drag it out later get some better pics
  3. Dazza

    Today in isolation

    Ok mate I’ll do some tomorrow, have you got an email address to send them to or just put them on here?
  4. Dazza

    Today in isolation

    Hi mate, I only have the camera on my I phone would they be good enough? I have no problem doing whatever pics you want Reel bands ect let me know. Darren
  5. Dazza

    Today in isolation

    Cheers, happy with them been meaning to do them for ages
  6. Dazza

    Today in isolation

    New Decals copies from originals
  7. Dazza

    Any Interest

    Yeah, I was playing one on the ferry over a couple of weeks ago from Holyhead
  8. Dazza

    Any Interest

    Hi all, Any interest in this on here before I put it out to the masses? Hi Lo Poker as was in all the cafes and clubs back in the day. For amusement only so you press a button to clear the score and get paid out from behind the ramp. £175, it’s on new coins works perfectly. Message me if anyone interested. Dazza
  9. Dazza

    Project Coin Double Up

    A few of them didn’t spin a win after nudges on 5p play. Jokers wild didn’t always do it on £4 jp on jokers, quite often span in nothing
  10. Dazza

    Rio Grande

    Hi all, I Have been given a Rio Grande £1000 Jp and upon inspection today has had the hopper taken out, there are ROMS for it in a bag i have never had MPU-5 or a machine with a hopper for that matter does it look like there is anything else missing from this picture and are hopper that hold that many coins easy enough to come by. Cheers all
  11. Dazza

    Jumping Jacks

    Yeah I used to like this one, there was a few about.
  12. Dazza

    Jumping Jacks

    Another Project Coin to the collection, it’s in great condition just needs a good clean and a few melted lamp holders changing. Pretty Rare this one