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  1. Happy days mate, Glad you got your hands on one.
  2. Dazza

    Project Coin Double Up

    Ok mate thanks for the update, I’m sure it will get sorted at some point somehow.
  3. Dazza

    Project Coin Double Up

    Thanks mate, Orchid not got back to me yet. Do you know Anyone that knows Orchid that could ask for me, I don’t know him and don’t want to get on his case. Darren
  4. Dazza

    Rat race lamp mask

  5. Dazza

    Project Coin Double Up

    Ok cool so there are £4 ROMS out there just need to get hold of them. The machine pictured is the actual one I’m trying to sort out. This one was the £4-80 version but easy enough to change decals to suit £4 JP. Cheers
  6. Dazza

    Project Coin Double Up

    Thanks guys, I messaged orchid a couple of days ago hopefully he has them. I’ll keep you posted. Darren
  7. Dazza

    Project Coin Double Up

    Hi All Im after the ROMS for Project Coin Double Up £4-80 Jp. I believe this machine has been emulated in the past but I can’t see what I’m after in the downloads section. If anyone can help it would be appreciated as this is a rare machine and would be great to bring one back to life. Darren
  8. Dazza

    Rat race lamp mask

    Did you get this mate? I’m picking up a rat race Saturday if not I can take pic for you.
  9. Dazza

    Jokers Wild

    Hi All, My Jokers Wild has been absolutely fine for 18 months but now doesn’t credit for £1 coins. All other coins and tokens credit correctly. I have put a different working mech in just in case and checked wiring from board to mech all ok. I have also cleaned the pins on the board and the plug from mech still the same. Is there anything I have missed or is there a small fault now on the board. I have another non working board if I need to nick anything of it and swap over. If anyone could shed any light on what it could be that would be great. Thanks all Darren
  10. I have about £28 of old 50p’s and probably about £30 of old 10p’s if that’s any good to you. Darren
  11. Dazza

    Jackpot 7’s Decals

    Hi all, Has anyone got a set of Project coin Jackpot 7’s £4-80 Decals as pictured or can anyone make them up? Thanks all Darren
  12. Dazza

    JPM System 80 repair advice

    I used unicorn electronics inc for the two I got, both been checked by Bob and are good took about 10 days from order.
  13. Dazza

    Can you identify this?

    It’s been sitting in my unit for months I got it for £20 with another machine, just unfortunate it’s going Saturday. If I get anything else like it I’ll make sure I let you guys know.
  14. Dazza

    Can you identify this?

    Yeah it does
  15. Dazza

    Can you identify this?

    It’s down my unit I was playing it today for a bit it’s not a bad machine got good sounds