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  1. Robbie44

    Elvis top 20 problem ( barcrest enhanced Rio b3 )

    Thanks lads that’s done the trick but now no sound, I’m going to try to test the speaker tomorrow but it was working before so it’s a bit strange. Could it be anything else ie fuse etc?
  2. Any ideas guys? I had an error code 34 which is dead battery apparently, so I got another mpu5 and swapped it over now machine comes on but I’m getting the message ‘ machine disabled ‘? When I open the main door I can get into the menu etc but as soon as I close the door or press demo I get the message. If anyone has got any idea I would be very grateful
  3. Robbie44

    Hi newbie

    Hello, just joined, had a couple of fruity’s For a while and it’s good to find some like minded people who know their stuff. Rob