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  1. Rich put a bid in at 50 it got shilled to it then retracted bids so shilled to 49 it got one more nid so maybe someone actually won it
  2. Personally couldn't give a toss now I wont bow to scrotes ever lol. It was won fair and square by mark and had he not offered it me I'd of understood. I certainly wont be bidding
  3. Rich put a 50 bid in at start it got shilled up to that within an hr my guess is its been done again hopefully it wont go any further as shiller now winning
  4. It got shilled to 50 if anyone bids its likely to cost more than that now unless Ebay find in our favour
  5. Turned out mark300 brought it I saw him today and he generously offered it me at cost. The seller has now refunded mark and relisted it and because a cpl of us messaged him he tried shilling it straight away bids now pulled and a complaint gone in by mark as seller cancelled for no reason
  6. Unfortunately not set a bot up to bid as was busy and it failed gutted
  7. Seller wouldn't do it she insisted on collection
  8. Huge thanks to paul gee for arranging collection of the scanner happy days
  9. Amot

    action pack roms

    Would anyone have the game card for action pack I could do with seeing a picture of the links on the board if possible please, cheers tony
  10. Sorted thanks paul
  11. Hi does anyone on here live close to these adresses and could collect an item and post to me it's a fairly small package but will be very useful for us regarding reel band production I'm willing to cover costs obviously cheers tony
  12. Amot

    action pack roms

    Cheers mate appreciated
  13. Cheers rob I'm watching it hopefully no one else needs one lol
  14. Amot

    Dond pusher token to cash payout

    I stole it off him hed got a mad glare in his eyes at my money talks lol
  15. Amot

    Bipolar proms coin mechs

    Hi I was wondering if anyone had the part numbers for the 1k bipolar proms I've tried searching but not had any success cheers tony