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  1. Amot

    couple of roms

    Here's a pic of cash pack it's running m1a
  2. Amot

    Tms9902 alternative help.

    https://www.digchip.com/datasheets/quote.php?action=search&is_post=post&pn=tms9902anl Some of the company's on here appear to have stock Louie hopes it's useful
  3. Amot

    system 80 jpm club vegas

    Cheers Louie didn't think I'd ever see it running again was great seeing it finally fire up sorry it's the beast from hell but what an achievement mate
  4. Awesome rich can't wait to pop over and have a look see mate love it when a plan comes together
  5. Amot

    maygay mmm grandslam

    I may need further advice then lol il take some pictures of the board when I get home and hopefully someone will advise me what it actually is I have no idea pre m1a/b time frame thanks sulzerned
  6. Amot

    maygay mmm grandslam

    Hi I have a maygay mmm grandslam machine that when powered up may take a few attempts to work. When purchased the machine was already running but after further investigation I've found that on the board where reel 3 connects the white wire is arcing could this just be a dry joint or could it be something else causing it I've not tried again since finding this as to not risk further damage. If the roms for this would be useful for emulation I'd be happy to send them to be done cheers tony
  7. Amot

    AMOT's MPU3 roms

    No worries Louie glad you could upload them there's only one rom in jakpot here's a pic of the machine
  8. Amot

    Mpu3 winspin

    Wish it was either of those still lol but an unusual machine be great when fully working again
  9. Amot

    Mpu3 winspin

    That one is Richards lol mines a little more complete I believe his has been sent to heaven a while back mine needs some work on the cab and metal work but the artwork has survived pretty well
  10. Amot

    Blue Moon mpu4

    There's one on Facebook really good price too 100 david liddicoat put it on if that helps can't seem to put the link up
  11. Amot

    System 80 Club Vegas ROMS Edit + pics.

    Do you need pics of it taking and thanks for your efforts Louie happy days
  12. Amot

    Mpu3 winspin

    Big thanks to rich for coming and helping me today proved it can still work and if roms not already uploaded il happily send them cheers tony 20180809_145448.mp4 20180809_145946.mp4
  13. Amot

    System 80 Club Vegas ROMS Edit + pics.

    Happy days Louie hopefully one day il breathe life into the real beast one day lol
  14. Amot

    system 80 jpm club vegas

    Hopefully get one up of the mpu3 associated leisure 2p winspin up too but only got one good mpu3 board out of 4 at moment and don't want to blow that one lol someone's coming to give me a hand with it soon
  15. Amot

    Donate to the forum.

    Donation sent link worked ok for me