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  1. Amot

    Can anyone identify this machine

    Cheers Pete interested to see which board is running it
  2. Amot

    Can anyone identify this machine

    I'd be interested in having a look got a few system 5 machines. It would be great if you could take a picture of the board to see if it's a Yamaha sampled sound board or not cheers Tony
  3. Amot


    Hoping someone can advise me on this am I restricted to using the small type gamecard on crackpot I'd got a feeling I'd read somewhere these early mpu4s couldn't read the newer larger cards any help greatly appreciated cheers tony
  4. Amot


    Hi please don't shoot the messenger lol I don't know enough to contribute intelligently regarding roms chr chips etc .i sent v1.2 crackpot to the guy, hes sent me these files back with his instructions I'm not going to be able to test for at least a week due to work commitments so if anyone wants to try these or compare the original files to the modded ones feel free. I've asked his permission to post on here and hes good with it cheers Tony. HACKED-ROMS-CRACKPOT.zip m4crkpot.zip
  5. Amot

    Potluck club v1.2

    Hi just got these roms I couldn't find this version on here so uploaded hope there useful cheers. Thanks to James at coin OP king for dumping them for me Potluck 1.2.zip
  6. Amot


  7. Amot


    https://m.facebook.com/groups/513768722088412?view=permalink&id=1480986775366597 Read James Sharpe post maybe useful for the future regarding hacking roms
  8. Amot

    Simpsons maygay m1 bits epsellialy bottom glass

    Ben apparently Dave at Mr ps has had some success repairing cracked glasses not sure how hes doing it but if your going to replace anyway may be worth asking him. It maybe worth trying something like this I've not tried but it's cheap don't know if anyone else can advise if they've tried it cheers
  9. Amot

    No irq pulse alarm barcrest mpu4

    Thanks wizard had a look and sure enough 2 pins bent one at either end of card I'll try it now I've straightened them out when I get home cheers
  10. Amot

    No irq pulse alarm barcrest mpu4

    Also tried the card in crackpot same error so thinking it must be card related
  11. Hi would anyone know what would cause this on a barcrest potluck I got hold of a set of new roms for it changed them it worked the first time it booted on the second attempt I got the error No irq pulse alarm . I tried old roms again too same result Cheers tony.
  12. Amot


    Cheers warlord I've got potluck and picked crackpot up other day minus its gamecard hence the request cheers
  13. Amot

    Countdown system 83

    Hmm not the best video yet it looked good till I uploaded it I'll try again when I get half hr
  14. Amot

    Countdown system 83

    https://youtu.be/KQhjIrse2K4 Here's a video of countdown hope it gives an idea of gameplay, typically its played the tightest I've had from it yet and just like the younger days I blew my bus fare home. 7 mile walk home yet again unless I can gamble for halfseys lol
  15. Amot


    Hi would anyone have a mpu4 gamecard for potluck or crackpot or the chr chip m418 in there spares that they'd be willing to sell cheers tony