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  1. Amot

    Bas cop the lot classic

    Nice to see my old machine living on cheers for the layout
  2. Amot

    "Time Out"

    20190210_172036.mp4 20190210_172137.mp4 20190210_172235.mp4
  3. Amot

    "Time Out"

    First good look at the machine the cabinet and artwork is in really nice nick, just got to the battery in time it had just started to leak now removed and board is really clean. On looking at the roms unfortunately there soldered directly to the board so may not be able to get them dumped as quickly as I'd liked but stanmarsh has kindly offered to remove them and dump and socket the board for me so will upload once there done. There's also a schematic drawing and handbook inside if wanted I'll create a new thread in the downloads section so contributing members can have them I'll take some close up pics as well
  4. Amot

    "Time Out"

    I'll talk nicely to stanmarsh see if he'll dump them when hes got time lol
  5. Amot

    "Time Out"

    Is system 83 emmulatable and are the roms required if so I'll try and get them dumped over the weekend cheers Tony
  6. Amot

    "Time Out"

    The time out is in the little box above freeze. I think this machine started life as a time out there's a schematic drawing in the back that says time out as it's name
  7. Amot

    "Time Out"

    It's in the van on way home now but here's a quick preview 20190208_141047.mp4
  8. Amot

    "Time Out"

    Maybe not lost if the roms are required I'll upload them once it's arrived
  9. Amot

    fruit machine

    10 m1 a/b boards on fb marketplace at moment James Bird at coin op king selling them
  10. Amot

    Nudge double up deluxe crystal leisure

    Not cheap but original
  11. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2252876588330791/ Woman said she'd take 50 she doesn't know a lot about them hope someone here will like got as part of a clearance not sure what tech this is running yet
  12. Amot

    Jpm lucky lottery in need software

    Here's the files Damon (fruit machine 13) sent me hope they help. He struggles a little with written txt he didn't mean to sound rude cheers lucky lottery.zip
  13. Amot

    Gold coast

    That didn't last long hope someone got it
  14. Amot

    Gold coast

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/503662103458758/ Just in case anyone is interested
  15. Amot

    Bellfruit scorpion 2 bin file

    It's definitely scorp 1 they must have released on both techs