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    Hi everyone. I just like to post on a day trip we had today. Skiprat and I ventured north to North Yorkshire to visit our very own electro expert and friend BF74 Ron. He has kindly taken on my Ten Up electro,which has had the same fault since it was moved here. With parts swapped and serviced and still not working properly,Ron decided it was best if he could look at it for himself. We had a nice trip up,and was met by Ron at his gate. What an absolute True Gentleman we have here chaps.👍 We had some great conversations regarding his days at Bell Fruit,and being a former bus driver. Ha,enjoyed looking at all your models lol. Got to play on his electro club machine as well. Didn't win anything,but it was all fun. Did a short video of this which is currently uploading. Meeting his lovely wife and chatting about machines and railways was right up my street. And to top all this....those lovely bacon butty's😆😆😆 We both had a fantastic day out meeting the legendary BF74 to which I thank so very much,which makes me appreciate so much what Ron does for us enthusiasts here and for electro's he supports. Great work mate👍 He showed me his coin mech re-programmer. If I had Half a brain,I would have understood the process.lol 😆😆😆 As much as I've repeated this to you already, Thanks Ron to you and the missus for an incredible day👍 Also,a massive thanks to Skippy for today. He was my chauffeur lol😆 Always great meeting up with our forum friends here. Ha,still a few to go lol.
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    little story for those interested .. as a nipper in cornwall i remember sitting in front of for what seemed like hours on numerous occasions a bank of small fruit machines in a arcade in cornwall called the "pot of gold" amongst other establishments of the time, the mid to late 80s as a rough guess . the machine was called cash and carry by now i believe barcrest (back then i didnt know or care) anyway when i joined the mecca i dreamt of owning such a machine, various posts were stuck up, nothing happened apart from tumble weed blowing in .. anyway 4 or 5 years ago maybe more .... i was in cornwall on holiday at our static caravan when we owned one , and i was told to call somebody as they had seen my post . so sitting on the caravan step trying to get a signal i rang this number and spoke to the fella on the other end anyway he said he had a cash n carry and that i could have it, however he liked "deals" not money, so what had i got ... well i dont have fruit machines so couldnt offer him any , so he said well .......ive got a list of some machines i want if you get me one of them we can do a straight swop . i had a paper and pen with me at this point and he spilled out aload of classic titles like fruit snappa, silver ghost , reel crazy, amoungst others and right at the end he said bellfruit pussycat .... and i thought to myself well i reckon i might be able to get one of those , so after about 4 hours on the phone chatting what must have been shit to eachother about our lives and what he had etc , we left it that if i could find one on his list then the deal could / would be done . off i went , within 2 weeks i had seen brought and secured a pussy cat bellfruit clubber for 50 or 80 quid locally , i let the cash and carry man know straight away . however he was having some tuff life lessons and happenings so couldnt do anything until he was sorted and clear of it all, we all know life and family etc are more important than a fruit machine ever so i left it . he made me aware he was a man of his word so i didnt need to worry as it wasnt going anywhere else, no matter how long it too , but he should be sorted soon . anyway months passed , years passed with the odd message back and forth in between ourselves . well ............ as of a unplanned last minute road trip of 7 hours (round trip) and a swop of bellfruit pussy cat clubber i have the machine you see in attached pictures . i cannot say how happy i am to see one in the flesh etc and actually own it now after such a long time its going to be a marmite machine for many, as many will class it as boring but for me it holds a very special bond with me . so if the fella is reading this who now has a pussycat bellfruit clubber whom i met last night after so many years and things happening thank you so so very very much for allowing me to do the swop with you and for you keeping your word about the machine happy happy days .. if i could cartwheel i would .. i cant so i wont haha p.s there wont be a long resto thread about this machine, i want to get it working , the roms dumped and play and enjoy it
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    It does for me too and fingers crossed popeye has good news for us tonight. If... if .... if he says it works then this means that when people save an mpu4 barxrest machine with no card they can get their machine running. Do you know why i done all this? Because people said it was uncrackable so i said HOLD MY PINT
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    I've made a few reel bands/decals here and there for people but I'm packing that in, so I'm posting them all here for you to do with what you want. No instructions but you will need Microsoft Publisher to view and print these files out, also only (AFAIK) Epson printers can print the length needed (most are up to 89cm), and you may need to create new paper sizes in your printer/application settings. Some were printed on A3 before my printer died and some are on A4 (21cm) width and anyone who knows how to use DTP will be able to tweak them out. Most Printer shops can deal with these but you'll get better results at home on glossy paper on a roll. Merry Christmas. It's a 390mb zip file. Click top right 'down' arrow for that otherwise you won't get them all Download Now
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    Here we have a couple of System 80 roms that need no introduction IA roms.zip Thanks for letting me share Mr Instance Automatics
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    These run in the emulator in super stepper so appear to be a good rip. CV_Sysyem80.zip Thanks for letting me rip & share. They are not in the rom dat so were not available. Don't be put off with no credits showing... the real machine is wired up differentley it palys for me That's good news Tony as everything else can be replaced / repaired but totally useless if the roms had go corrupted / wiped
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    Think these also run in lucky 2's. Mirracles.zip Not in rom dat so looks like Barrie has unearthed mpre PCP rareness. Thanks for letting me rip & share.
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    ffs get a room you 2 ha ha bff's
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    Back to the old-school with this one. A fantastic old JPM lo-tech machine called Hi Ho Silver. Set to the classic £4.80/20p. On the system 5 tech. I remember playing this all the time when I was younger, and playing it again on the emulator brings it all back. A great suck, and streak machine that JPM liked to do back then. Expect a good four, or five repeats on the jackpot when the time is right. Unfortunately there is a slight issue on this when you get the jackpot on the Red/Blue Sevens. There's a bit of slowdown, mainly because all the lamps that flash during the jackpot sequence are 'Blended'; which has a big effect on the speed. The issue only happens when you scale the layout, down, on smaller monitors. If you play it at full size, there's no slowdowns. Another oddity is the lamps on the buttons. They sometimes light, erratically, and I'm not sure why. It might be hold-hints, or an emulator issue. All the credit in the World must go to Paulgee. If it wasn't for him, and Jonno, this machine might never have got emulated. Not only did Paulgee send me the new rom dumps (that Jonno kindly dumped for him) from Paul's own machine, he also sent me reel images/order, and a video of the lamp sequence which helped my an huge amount in getting it completed. High-fives all around! Use MFME6.1 to play. Full list of credits are: Jonno: Dumping roms. Paulgee: Offering roms to be dumped from his own machine, plus reel images/order and lamp sequence video. SPA: Flier that was used. Shortcuts are: Hold/Nudge 1 - 1 Hold/Nudge 2 - 2 Hold/Nudge 3 - 3 Hold/Nudge 4 - 4 Cancel/Take - ` or T Start - Space 20p Token - 9 £1 Insert - 0 Enjoy this great JPM once again! Hi Ho Silver DX.zip
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    I released this over at DIF a few weeks back..... Special thanks to Riche100 for the hi res pics resources... I do plan on fixing a couple of minor bits, token mech isn't correct but not going to get chance to take a look for a while. CROWNJESTERDX.zip
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    Been a while, but I've got another old-skool favourite done. A DX for a JPM system 80 machine called Fortune Trail. The 2p version of Mystery Trail/Spin. Use MFME6.1 to play. Huge thanks to the following people that made this layout possible. alex74: Classic Layout, And Roms. Louie Bee: Pictures. riche100: Cabinet Picture. Road Runner: Reel Images. Enjoy! Fortune Trail DX.zip
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    AMOT sent me some rips he had done to check if in the ROM DAT & share if not. A few were sys5 sounf files which were in rom dat and correctley named so no need to re-up. The ones I did not find by CRC32 were MPU3 winspin (2 files), MPU3 jakpot clubber (1 file) and monopoly jpm sound. Amot roms.zip Thanks for letting me check and share AMOT
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    Posted Today, 06:44 pm Another new DX layout done, which is called Bar Sevens. This is the original lo-tech version which was released on the system 85 tech. Don't think there has been another system 85 machine released on MFME, so this might be the first. Machine is set to: £4/10p/92% Use MFME6.1 to play. Credits for this layout go to: A.T: For Pictures. Wizard: For Adding System 85 Emulation To MFME. Shortcuts for this are: Auto Play - A Nudge/Hold 1 - 1 Nudge/Hold 2 - 2 Nudge/Hold 3 - 3 Cancel - ` or C Start - Space £1 Insert - 0 20p Token - 9 Enjoy! Bar Sevens DX.zip
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    I've just ripped 3 rom sets from 14K boards. Set A and C are the same CRC32. but on one CPU card there was a daughterboard with a PAL16 chip which my burner can't read (it won't do PAL chips). the other did not. I didn't see either in the rom dat so I suspect they are new. S80_Mar19.zip Have no idea what games they are.
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    Countdown roms if someone could check them and let me know there ok thanks roms 83 .zip
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    heres a few of what i have at the moment oh & theres another 30 in another part of the warehouse not sure if im a collector, hoarder or businessman at the moment !
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    You can keep wooden boards like floorboards in bubble wrap with no issues
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    a few roms untested courtesy of nick [ sulzerned ]
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    as above 3 sets of roms for a machine called club elite checked and running fine sound also runs in fairground so that is a added bonus thanks to ian a member on here
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    i said i would repair it for you just pay for post and donate to the forum if you want
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    Is there any reason why you're releasing my layouts here? I'm not paricularly bothered but most people know where to find them if they want them.
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    Is it rare no,is it worth over a grand no,was it popular yes very,are the new versions worth anything no fuck all....and then there’s razzle dazzle,ah I think I’ll leave it.
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    Got the layout-making bug again, so I decided to get another one out there. This time it's for an all-time favourite of mine called Top Streak. An old JPM machine on system 80. Set to: £3/10p/82% Use MFME6.1 to play. Anyone over forty (lke myself) will remember this one. It's more, or less a copy of Winsprint; which came out later I believe. The only difference being Top Streak shows you the best win streak of the day, on the segs, and Winsprint didn't. Credits go out to the following folks: alex1974: Classic Layout launton, And Nick Sulzer: Roms Road Runner: Reel Images. Hope you enjoy this fantastic JPM once again! Top Streak DX.zip
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    It’s a maygay triple M I have one Moon Bug Sorry about wonky pic it’s the only one I have
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    BOO! Hehe! Hope I didn't scare ya ;) It's 90 days until Hallowe'en so what better way to celebrate than play this classic layout I've knocked up for Ghost Buster by BWB. It's set to 10p play, £6 jackpot and 78% payout. Keys are - ` - CANCEL 1,2,3 - HOLD / NUDGE F - FEATURE C - COLLECT SPACE - START Many thanks to whoever it was that uploaded the ROMs (there was quite a selection but I went for 10p play as that's how I remember the game), and also Wizard for MFME and for taking the time to get this particular one-off game running as I believe it was a bit of a sod to sort out. I had a bit of trouble with the TREASURE HUNT lamps always staying on for some reason, maybe it's just the ROMs? Also, there's a strange noise that gets played sometimes after pressing start. Maybe a hidden secret in the game but I couldn't work out what it is for. Lastly, if you get three mixed 7's on the winline you get a mystery feature, which I didn't even know until a couple of days ago! Any issues let me know and I'll fix and re-upload :) Have fun! Stevedude2 Ghost Buster [release v1.0].zip