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    Welcome to my games room thread. Now...i say games room What I actually should say is... Our whole house is a games room lol. There are machines in 3 rooms! Games room 1 features predominately 1980s machines. Games room 2 are 90s+ machines and Games room 3 has only 4 machines So, as for the fleet details... Here's the list... Bell Fruit Nudge Gambler Electro. Barcrest Cloud 999 mpu4 20p/£4.80. Barcrest Super Line Up mpu3 10p/£3 JPM Two Step SRU 5p/£2 CTL Eachway Shuffle SRU 10p/£2 ROMS. Barcrest Chances Unlimited mpu3 Barcrest Super Adders & Ladders mpu3. BWB Superwin mpu3 5p/£2. Bell Fruit Golden Shot Black Box 10p/£3. Associated Leisure Exchanges Galore mpu3 on 5p/£1.50 . JPM Nudge Double Up Deluxe mk1 SRU on 5p/£2. JPM Eachway Nudger mk1 (version 2) SRU 10p/£2 Barcrest Instant Replay mpu3 10p/£2. Barcrest Snappy Viper mpu3. Bell Fruit Cops & Robbers scorp2 20p/£8 cash. Bell Fruit Only Fools & Horses scorp1 10p/£6 tokens. Maygay Simpsons m1a 10p/£6. Bell Fruit Ten Up electro. 5p/£1. Barcrest Revolution mpu5 25p/£15. Barcrest The Jackpoteers. mpu5 25p/£15. Barcrest Viva Las Vegas Six 20p/£6. PCP Jumping Jack Cash 5p/£2.40 Although it has the wrong ROMS as the machine has 20p/£4.80 glasses...so look out for me if you can lol👠JPM Reel Crazy mps 10p/£3. Bell Fruit Round the Town scorp2 20p/£8 cash. Barcrest Nickelodean mpu4 on 20p/£4.80 tokens. Maygay Simpsons Super Jackpot epoch. Set on 25p/£5. Could do with £15 decals off anyone has any? Maygay Rovers Return m1a 20p/£10. Bell Fruit Showtime Spectacular scorp2 on 20p/£8. Bell Fruit Olympic Gold scorp2 on 20p/£10 cash and Bell Fruit Big Breakfast scorp2 20p/£10. Departing is my Electrocoin Magic 7. On loan to me is Bell Fruit Firecracker Black Box which takes the place of Instant Replay which I have loaned to a very good friend on here👠So there it is. One or 2 classics lol😠Thanks for reading.
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    Very Japanese I will try and grab some pics tomorrow.
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    It's the blue cab Super Jackpot. Here's a vid